The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Looks Great, But You Can Buy A Galaxy S9 And Get A Free Chromebook


Since its announcement, Samsung's newest release, the Galaxy Note 9, is on people's wishlist and it is no wonder why considering its top of the line features.

The brand new smartphone is the perfect choice for techies who lean toward a big storage, huge screen, and amazing S Pen functionality. However, its $999 price might be steep for many people.

That is why a promo from Samsung and Amazon might steal the spotlight from the new Galaxy Note 9.

Buy Galaxy S9, S9 Plus And Get Free Chromebook

Amazon is currently offering the Samsung Chromebook 3 for free to those who want to buy the S9 and S9 plus. This presents a perfect opportunity for customers who want other options for a cheaper price.

Starting at only $839, customers can purchase the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus with a free Chromebook 3. For those who want to save more, they can get the S9 that only costs $719. Both prices reflect how much the unlocked, must-have smartphones costs while getting a Chrome OS laptop for free.

Users can also find a similar deal on Samsung's website. Buying directly from the company does not restrict people to just have the Chromebook. It gives people the option to make use of the discount for other Chromebook models. In fact, the Chromebook freebie is a far cry to the usual Qi chargers or memory cards people get when buying the smartphone.

Get More, Spend Less

Although many people prefer to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the promo makes a better choice for those who buy the S9 or S9 Plus to use in school, or even in the office. Settling for older Samsung products that were just released early this year would not make people fall far behind the curve in terms of specifications and other functions.

With the deal, purchasers will get a smartphone with a similarly big, pixel-dense screen, the new Snapdragon 845 chipset, an expandable microSD slot storage, and the noteworthy fingerprint sensor location under the camera.

People who will buy the S9 plus will also get an astounding 6GB RAM that matches what is in the brand-new Note 9.

Likewise, the Chromebook 3 is an amazing choice for everyday use. Its LCD is brighter than the screen from its competitors such as the HP Stream 11, Lenovo IdeaPad 100S, and the Dell Inspiron 14 3000. Additionally, its 1.6GHz Celeron N3060 CPU coupled with the 4GB RAM makes it suitable for multitasking.

Furthermore, gamers will also have a limited exclusive access to Fortnite by Epic Games on Android. Most of the Android community will only be getting access to the game on Aug. 12. Currently, the popular game is only available on iOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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