Overwatch Summer Games 2018 Rolls Out 9 New Skins And Brings Back Lucioball

The "Overwatch" Summer Games 2018 event is back, and it will run until Aug. 30. Players will be able to acquire nine skins and enjoy Lucioball in a brand new arena.  ( Overwatch )

The Overwatch Summer Games 2018 is now online, offering players over 50 new seasonal items, including nine new skins, and another crack at the massively popular Lucioball.

The Summer Games event follows the successful ending of another Overwatch sporting event, but in real life. The Overwatch League recently crowned its first champion, and is already looking ahead to season two.

'Overwatch' Summer Games 2018: Here's What's Included

The Overwatch Summer Games 2018 has returned, and this year's edition will run until Aug. 30. This gives players about three weeks to collect the more than 50 new seasonal items.

Whenever a new Overwatch event launches, players always want to take a look first at the new hero skins that will be offered. For Summer Games 2018, there are six legendary skins and three epic skins available.

Legendary Skin for Ana - Cabana

(Photo : Overwatch)

Legendary Skin for Winston - Catcher

(Photo : Overwatch)

Legendary Skin for Zenyatta - Fastball

(Photo : Overwatch)

Legendary Skin for Reinhardt - Gridironhardt

(Photo : Overwatch)

Legendary Skin for Roadhog - Lacrosse

(Photo : Overwatch)

Legendary Skin for D.Va - Waveracer

(Photo : Overwatch)

Epic Skin for Sombra - Mexicana

(Photo : Overwatch)

Epic Skin for Brigitte - Tre Kronor

(Photo : Overwatch)

Epic Skin for Moira - Eireannach

(Photo : Overwatch)

The internet exploded over D.Va's Waveracer skin, but Brigitte also looks good in her country's colors. Zenyatta's orbs being replaced with baseballs is hilarious, while Ana's Cabana skin looks rather uninspired. Will Blizzard succumb to players' demands and replace D.Va's voice line of "Nerf this!" with "Surf this!" for the Waveracer skin?

In addition to the skins, there are two new highlight intros, featuring Orisa growing frustrated as a goalkeeper and Moira serving up one of her deadly orbs. There is also a new emote for Mei, where she plays table tennis with her robot Snowball.

Lucioball fans not only get to participate again in Copa Lúcioball, which features a competitive play ladder structure and placement matches, but also enjoy a new arena. Following the Sydney Harbour and Estádio das Rãs maps for the fast-paced mode, the Busan arena will give Lucioball players a new place for playing.

Overwatch League 2018

While Overwatch players enjoy the Summer Games event, Blizzard is already hard at work in setting up season two of the wildly successful Overwatch League.

The Overwatch League reached mainstream status when Blizzard signed an exclusive multi-year agreement with Disney to bring coverage of the eSports league to ESPN, ESPN2, Disney XD, and ABC. The coverage happened just in time for the playoffs, which ended with the London Spitfire taking home the first ever Overwatch League championship.

Just days after the inaugural season ended, there were already reports that two new teams have signed up for the second year. The new Overwatch League teams, which will bring the total number of 14, will be based in Atlanta, Georgia and Guangzhou, China. Their names and colors, however, have not yet been revealed.

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