Apple has announced that its "Lucky Bag" promotions are coming to Japan. The deal offers a number of goodies for far lower than their usual price, but users don't know what they will get.

The deal has historically been a hit among Apple fans, with each bag including one hardware item.

It's not just Apple that does these kinds of bags. In fact, the mystery buy is a New Year's tradition called Fukubukuro in Japan, with merchants all over selling "Lucky Bags." For someone who buys one at a video game store, they may end up with this year's hottest game. For customers of Apple, a lucky user could end up with an iPad or even a MacBook Air.

The bags themselves start at around $300, and no two bags are the same. Not only that, but the value of the bags always exceeds the cost of them. Apart from the MacBook Air and iPad, last year customers could have ended up with a Magic Mouse, a Beats by Dre Pill Speaker, a Power Support Air Jacket sleeve and more. Some customers reported getting bags worth up to a whopping $1,680.

This year, it is likely that the possibility of ending up with an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus will drive the sales of the bag. The iPad Air 2 is also likely to make an appearance. It will be interesting to see if Apple includes any surprises.

While the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will likely make an appearance, it's highly likely that iPods will still appear, and its also possible that users could end up with an older iPhone like an iPhone 5 or 5c.

Despite the possibility of ending up with something that might be a little less exciting than a MacBook Air, the Lucky Bag is sure to be a hit. Lucky Bags can only be purchased at brick-and-mortar Apple stores, and can only be returned if the product is defective. Buyers can only buy one bag per day with sales starting on Jan. 2. The deal will also only be available in Japan.

Other possible accessories include a pair of JayBird BlueBuds X wireless earphones as well as Twelve South PlugBug World travel plug adapter. With Apple's recent acquisition of Beats, it is likely that Beats products will make more of an appearance than in the past. Perhaps users could even get a voucher for a subscription to Beats, or maybe even a voucher for the upcoming Apple Watch!

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