Android Messages App Gets Dark Mode In New Update


Users of Android Messages finally have something new to look forward to. The app will be rolling out an updated look that includes dark mode.

Considered as one of the most on-demand messaging app on Play Store, Android Messages has released its version 3.5, which makes tons of things easier for its users. Just like Contacts, News, and Tasks, the new interface of the app has been transformed to match the new Material Theme of Google.

According to Google Play, the app enables its users to message people no matter where they are in the world, with the consistency of texting and the diversity of chat. Through the app, people can stay in touch with their family, friends, and loved ones by sending audio messages, group texts, photos, and even videos.

Aesthetic Changes

With the update, Android Messages users will not be expecting to see the usual colorful aesthetic, as it has been replaced by a modern white accent. Its text now also uses the Google Sans font. For those who are not fans of the clean white interface, they can still choose between a variety of colors such as blue, green, and pink.

This refreshing change comes as a surprise, as tons of apps have been updated with no variations at all except from changing the accent color to white. Although this is noteworthy, users do not want to be blinded by their bright screen all the time, especially when they are about to sleep at night.

To enable the highly anticipated native dark mode, users just have to tap the three dots located in the top right of their screen and choose the dark mode option. This changes the background to black and darkens the text.

Other Changes On The App

Another big change from the app aside from the new font and dark mode is the replacement of the '+' button located on the bottom right corner with a big 'Start Chat' sign. The app additionally sets the default color to blue regardless of the mode the user is in. This is perhaps Google's own version to iMessage's green bubble.

Although most users are pleased on the direction the app is going, many people are disappointed because the app has disabled its feature that allowed them to select different colors for each contact conversation. This is notably one of the most popular features of the app that its users want back. 

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