Microsoft is suspending its plan to end support for the desktop version of Skype 7.0, also known as classic Skype, by September, due to the backlash that it received from users.

The move would have pushed personal users and businesses to the overhauled Skype 8.0, but there remain many complaints against the latest version of the communications app.

Classic Skype Will Not Yet Go Away

In July, Microsoft rolled out Skype 8.0 to replace Skype 7.0, and added that only the latest version of Skype will work after Sept. 1. This meant that classic Skype will be shut down by that date.

Microsoft detailed some of the new features that will be coming to Skype 8.0. including free HD video and screensharing calls, more productive messaging, the chat media gallery, and sharing files of up to 300 MB at a time.

However, it appeared that the backlash against the shutdown of classic Skype has been far too immense to ignore, even for Microsoft. In the thread in the official forums over the discontinuation of classic Skype, Microsoft placed its plan on hold.

"Based on customer feedback, we are extending support for Skype 7 (Skype classic) for some time. Our customers can continue to use Skype classic until then," the updated forum post said.

Microsoft did not reveal a timeframe on until when classic Skype will be available, with the Skype team instead opting for an "awkward backward step," as described by Thurrott. Microsoft has been aggressive in pushing users to switch from classic Skype to Skype 8.0, but it looks like the company was unsuccessful.

Complaints Against Skype 8.0

A quick look at the Microsoft forums post reveals the many complaints that users have against Skype 8.0, which has resulted in the answered call to keep classic Skype available for a little longer.

Some of the users called out the all-in-one approach of the new version, while lacking the ability for simultaneous chat windows, among many other missing Skype features. There also seemed to be a general dislike for the new user interface introduced in Skype 8.0, along with the other visual changes implemented by Microsoft.

Microsoft said that it will be further developing Skype 8.0 to add the missing features that users have pointed out. At least, for this case, it appears that the company really listened to customer feedback. The question now is how long will classic Skype be available, and will Skype 8.0 ever be good enough for users who have used classic Skype for years.

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