A photo of a newborn is going viral because she is shown to be surrounded by IVF needles.

The unconventional concept is actually a homage to the struggle her parents had endured just to have her.

Viral IVF Photo

Many parents nowadays opt to get studio photos of their newborn children and all are adorable and unique in their own ways. One photo, however, has gone viral for a rather unique and inspiring reason.

On Aug. 11, Packer Family Photography posted the unique photo on Facebook. The photographer stated that this was the first time that had been asked to do a photo with such a concept.

In the photo is a newborn baby swaddled in a multi-colored wrap, surrounded by the very syringes that her parents collected in the long attempt to have her.

“4 years, 7 attempts, 3 miscarriages and 1,616 shots,” the caption states, pertaining to the parents’ struggle with IVF treatments.

Evidently, Patricia O'Neill and wife Kimberly thought the IVF process would be easy. They soon found that this was not so, however, and it came to a point when visits to the doctor became scary. After several failed attempts, the couple was finally able to successfully conceive and their baby was born just last Aug. 3, 2018.

So far, the photo has garnered over 72,000 reactions, nearly 5,000 comments, and over 50,000 shares, with many parents also sharing their own struggles and journey with IVF treatments in the comments.

“We never dreamed the picture would go viral the way it has! We love that it can bring hope to others because a fertility journey is unlike anything we have ever experienced,” said Kimberly.

In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is the process in which a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm are joined together in a laboratory dish. When the embryo is ready and growing properly, it is then implanted into the woman’s womb.

In some cases, two embryos may be implanted so as to increase the chances of success. It often helps many couples with fertility issues such as endometriosis, male infertility, damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, and advanced maternal age, to still conceive and have a baby.

However, it is not an easy process to go through, as shown by the couple's journey. IVF treatments require time, energy, and money, and may involve certain risks. For instance, many IVF medicines must be taken by injection, sometimes several times a day, and this can cause bruising.

Further, the medications may cause side effects such as bloating, mood swings, and headaches, and may even cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Other parts of the process such as the egg harvesting may also cause damage to the structure around the ovaries and may trigger reactions to the anesthesia required for the procedure.

That said, IVF continues to give thousands of people all over the world the chance to become parents despite the difficulties they are facing.

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