Updated MacBook Air Will Have Slim Bezels, Retina Display: Report


At long last, Apple is finally going to bring significant upgrades to its aged MacBook Air, at least according to new reports.

While Apple has kept the MacBook Air up to snuff by upgrading its processor and graphics chip over the years, the model has remained unchanged design-wise, featuring the same matte screen and low-resolution display it launched with many, many years ago. That's about to change.

Upgraded MacBook Air

As per Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to release the much-awaited, completely redesigned Macbook Air successor. No word yet on what's going to be called, but names are the least of anyone's concerns — it's the specs that matter.

The new model reportedly features slimmed-down bezels and — finally — a Retina Display. The current-generation MacBook Air is the only laptop without a high-resolution display in Apple's entire MacBook lineup, something that has puzzled Apple fans for years. Beyond that, the new MacBook reportedly looks about the same as the current model, although it's not clear which ports it comes with. Take note that the current MacBook Pro has four USB Type-C inputs, a headphone jack, and nothing else.

Apple has significantly evolved in the past several years when it comes to design, making the MacBook Air stick out like a sore thumb in contrast with its other MacBook siblings that have had sophisticated and lavish design updates. Not to mention that the MacBook Air doesn't even have a butterfly-style keyboard, but that's probably for the best given the many issues associated with that keyboard.

But the newer, fancier MacBook are typically hundreds of dollars more expensive, which is probably why Apple kept the entry-level MacBook Air that starts at just $1,000. Sure, it has outdated specs and a low-res screen, but it's probably enough for most consumers on a budget, especially college kids looking for a new machine.

Pricing and release date remain unclear for now, although make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

Mac Mini

Apart from a MacBook Air upgrade, Apple is also said to be working on an updated Mac Mini, its miniature desktop computer that's even more abandoned and neglected than the MacBook Air, as The Verge notes.

According to Bloomberg, the new Mac Mini will have "new storage and processor options," which will likely "make it more expensive than previous versions." Apple is reportedly optimizing this new model specifically for those that have used it as a home theater system, a server rack, or for software development.

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