LG has announced that it will unveil the two new versions of the Tone Plus Bluetooth headsets next week.

According to the company, the headset models HBS-1120 and the HBS-835S will be introduced during the during the Internationale Funkausstellung exhibition, a famous tech fair in Germany.

LG TONE Platinum SE Features

The LG TONE Platinum SE or model HBS-1120 has an exclusive button that allows it to connect to the voice recognition system of Google Assistant. This essential feature lets its users experience the artificial intelligence feature without undergoing the hassle of taking out their smartphones.

"Users can activate Google Assistant without having to first say "OK Google" for access to faster, more responsive AI. This benefit become[s] apparent when using services such as Google Translate," the company stated on its website.

The headset is also equipped with what LG calls a hybrid speaker. The said speaker has two units that deliver realistic sounds from high to low pitch tones.

It can also launch Google Translate abruptly. Through this, it will be easier for its users to have multilingual conversations because of real-time translation.

Audio engineers from the company developed a headset that integrated a balanced armature and a dynamic driver through this device. This notable feature can usually only be found in in-ear units used by professional musicians. The dynamic driver is responsible for the top-notch bass, while the balanced armature unit delivers clear high-frequency sound.

The earphones are available in gold, black, and blue. Furthermore, LG fans are expected to get their hands on the headset at the end of August in Korea, followed by other countries. In Korea, people can get the device for 219,000 won or $195.

The company will also reveal the LG TONE Ultra SE or HBS-835S. This headset is equipped with an external mono speaker that enables its users to play songs or make calls without wearing the device and blocking the ambient sound.

Quality Earphones From LG

Both units have the dual MEMS microphone that makes it possible for its users to have an excellent support for the Tone & Talk smartphone app and great call clarity.

"LG brought a new paradigm to wearable audio products with smart features of our successful TONE series and we continue to innovate with our latest models," stated Kim Tae-gyun, head of LG's Companion Device Business Division. "We are committed to delivering more great wearable audio products to consumers worldwide."

Exhibition attendees who want to get up close with the new TONE earphones can check out LG IFA's booth located in Hall 18 of the Messe Berlin. It will run from Aug. 31 to Sept. 5.

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