South Korean Carrier Sells New Apple iPhone 3GS, And Everyone's Asking Why


A South Korean carrier plans to resurrect Apple's iPhone 3GS model nearly a decade after it originally went on sale.

iPhone 3GS Makes A Comeback, Yours For $40

In June 2009, Apple debuted the iPhone 3GS, billing it as "the fastest, smartest phone yet." Now, the model will soon be available for purchase again nine years after its original release.

The iPhone 3GS is a dinosaur when compared to smartphones available on the market today. However, that hasn't stopped one carrier from reselling the devices for just $40 a pop. South Korea's ET News reported that local wireless carrier SK Telink will restart sales of the iPhone 3GS later this month.

Why Is SK Telink Selling The iPhone 3GS?

The carrier apparently has a whole bunch of boxed iPhone 3GS units sitting in a warehouse and what better way to get rid of its inventory than to offer the phones for sale for a mere $40.

"The iPhone 3GS has been launched to celebrate the opening of the SK Seven mobile online mall while expanding the selection of consumer smartphones," the company said in a statement.

SK Telink will sell brand-new units of the iPhone 3GS in their original packaging, along with all of its original accessories including the charger and earphones. The company ensured that each phone works properly.

Is Buying A Discontinued iPhone Worth It?

Even though the carrier is selling brand-new iPhone 3GS units, one should not expect the phones to work the same as the current generation of iPhones. Apple discontinued the iPhone 3GS model in 2012 and it cannot run anything later than iOS 6. This means that many of the apps and features that iOS users enjoy today, including iMessage and FaceTime, will not be accessible on the device.

It might also be difficult for users to get their hands on the accessories for the handset, especially since Apple switched from 30-pin connectors to Lightning cables with the iPhone 5 in 2012.

That being said, users will still be able to utilize the phone's basic features such as calling, text messaging, playing music, and the like. Moreover, SK Telink is offering the handset contract-free in Korea for just 44,000 won, which is just over $40, considerably cheaper than most phones.

Furthermore, with the retro craze taking over the world these days and the fact that old Apple devices sell for an insane amount of money, the iPhone 3GS could also be sold for a fortune in the years to come.

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