Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit To Roll Out Next Month For $70: Here's What We Know About It


After launching its first two varieties in the spring, Nintendo is set to unveil the third kit of its self-assembly cardboard game controller Labo in September.

Priced at $69.99, Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit add-on will be available in the market starting Sept. 14. Earlier this year, Nintendo launched the first two add-ons, namely the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. Through the Vehicle Kit, players will have a chance to create cardboard replicas of car, plane and submarine controls, which they can use to control the Nintendo Switch games console.

According to Nintendo, the Vehicle Kit includes a Toy-Con Car, Toy-Con Plane, Toy-Con Pedal, Toy-Con Submarine and Toy-Con Key. The kit also carries a physical version of the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit software and parts, including 25 cardboard sheet and one reflective sticker, one sponge sticker sheet, one string, two gray Grommet set, two red Grommet set, three large rubber bands, and 12 small rubber bands.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit: A Significant Improvement

The first two Labo add-ons have promoted the spirit of fun by creating something out of the different pieces from the kit. However, many reviews said the Variety Kit has failed to encourage much repeat play. With the Vehicle Kit, Nintendo has come up with significant improvements that will boost creativity while playing a game multiple times over.

With the new Vehicle Kit, users can use its parts with other pieces from the Variety and Robot Kits. Also, the latest kits include step-by-step instructions that teach you how to make more controllers, including ways to create a makeshift pedal out of materials laying around the house, such as dish sponges and a binder.

Creating extra pedals could pave way for a multi-player game of up to four participants using just the accelerator. Nintendo Switch is sold separately.

Adventure Mode Spices Up Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

Another huge change introduced by the Vehicle Kit is that it ties every Toy-Con together through Adventure Mode that serves as the main avenue for using the newly created cardboard controls. Through the Adventure Mode, the user can roam the open country and complete easy quests. Also, the Adventure Mode allows the user to easily switch from one vehicle to another simply by putting the Toy-Con Key into one of the other kits.

Another breakthrough for the Vehicle Kit is the strategically placed IR stickers, which could be picked up by the sensor camera on the Joy-Con. The kit also has a unique feature, which involves a cardboard spray can that was complete with the rattling sound when the canister when shaken. A player can utilize this to customize its car with stencils. The Joy-Con can pick up any outline of anything placed in front of it.

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