New Super Mario Bros. U Port Reportedly Coming To Nintendo Switch, But Should It?


Surprise, surprise: the Nintendo Switch is reportedly getting another port, and this time it's New Super Mario Bros. U, originally released on the Wii U in 2012.

The game is the latest installment in Nintendo's 2D platformer Mario series, not including Super Mario Maker, which technically isn't a mainline entry in that franchise.

New Super Mario Bros. U To Get Nintendo Switch Port

The rumor comes from a report by ComicBook, which, if true, would be joining the coterie of Wii U games given new life on Nintendo's hybrid machine. It's a clever strategy: only a few million people had bought a Wii U, meaning there are a lot of folks who missed out on these excellent titles. The Switch, by contrast, is selling like hotcakes, so it's only logical for Nintendo to bring these games back to their attention.

There have been initial rumblings about this port even before this year's E3 celebrations. Sources connected to Nintendo of Europe suggested back then that a port of New Super Mario Bros. U was in the works.

Now, ComicBook can "confirm," through multiple sources, that this game would indeed be released for the Switch and will include the New Super Luigi U add-on, which was originally released in 2013 as paid DLC. It was even sold as a standalone game, but Nintendo later bundled the two games together as part of its Nintendo Selects collection.

Some sources say the game will have new content to some extent, although details of what this could be appears to be kept tightly under wraps.

Should 'New Super Mario Bros. U' Be Ported To Nintendo Switch?

New Super Mario Bros. U should definitely be ported to the Switch, there's no doubt about that, but selling it as a standalone game doesn't seem that fair, considering it's basically the same title released years ago. Perhaps Nintendo could sweeten the deal by making a remastered compilation of the series instead, including this game plus previous releases such as New Super Mario Bros. 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It could even throw in Super Mario Maker as a bonus, although that would probably be too much.

Still, re-releasing just New Super Mario Bros. U seems kind of lazy, especially if Nintendo decides to offer it at the full price of a Switch game. It's too early to judge, however. Remember, sources do claim that it's going to have new content.

It's currently unknown when Nintendo plans to release this port, but some sources say it could come out this year.

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