South Korean electronics company Samsung has launched a useful device for people who often lose or misplace their valuables.

Samsung has announced the arrival of its new SmartThings Tracker, a lightweight GPS device that could track things that are attached to it through an LTE-M network. Through this device, people can quickly keep track of their most valued items, including backpacks, keys, pet collars and more.

SmartThings Tracker Packed With Features

Aside from tracking important things, SmartThings Tracker can be used by family members to inform each other of their whereabouts via the SmartThings app. The tracker could also come in handy as it can turn on porch lights upon arrival at home if the device is within range.

SK Kim, senior director, IoT Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, said the device will help families have a connected living by giving them meaningful experiences when it comes to their everyday lives.

Kim added that the device could make families keep track of the things that are important to them and make their smart homes easy to control and manage with the help of the nationwide carrier networks and the SmartThings ecosystem. The tracker is also water-resistant, enabling it to perform in the rain. It also has a battery that can last up to one week.

Samsung SmartThings Tracker is worth $99.99 and $5 a month after the first month. For those who are interested, this newest device will be available for preorder via Samsung's official website starting Sept. 16.

It will be available via Amazon around Sept. 30. AT&T stores will carry the tracker starting Sept. 14 while it will be available through Verizon soon.

Tracker Move More Advanced Than Competition

Samsung SmartThings Tracker is more expensive than TrackR Pixel, which costs $45. However, the former's features will ensure that buyers will get their money's worth.

While TrackR Pixel is cheaper, it is equipped with Bluetooth that has a limited scope and it will be hard for users to find the things they want to track once it is out of range. Once it is out of range, TrackR Pixel has to rely on crowd-sourcing to find the things a user is tracking.

This is not the case with Samsung's tracker, however, unless the user travels internationally where LTE networks of other countries are not compatible with the device.

Moreover, SmartThings Tracker provides real-time location updates where family members can update loved ones of their location with a touch of a button. The SmartThings app can update a user about an item's whereabouts via its Live Tracking feature.

Also, the tracker is compatible with hundreds of Works With SmartThings devices where a user can control lights, thermostats, security cameras, and more.

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