Fresh from its launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ at MWC 2018, Samsung debuts a new lineup of QLED TVs with Ambient Mode.

Most people reportedly noticed that the South Korean company's booth lacked mid-range models for consumer displays during CES 2018. Instead, it highlighted its MicroLED wall technology and its next-generation 8K-resolution televisions. The manufacturer paraded its new catalog of consumer displays during an event in New York and flaunted its new feature that renders the device somewhat "invisible."

Smart Home Integration

One of the new lineup's notable features is its artificial intelligence-powered smart home capabilities. Samsung aims to make its 2018 QLED TV as the central hub that controls all of the home's smart devices. With Bixby on board, owners can use voice control to toggle different elements within a connected household. Thus far, the company was able to confirm that it will rely on its SmartThings platform to display all compatible gadgets on-screen.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Samsung designed each of the QLED displays with an option for Ambient Mode. Reports pointed out that the feature was first seen on the company's Frame TV models. Owners can use their compatible smartphones to take a photo of the background wherein the display is mounted or positioned. The built-in algorithm then analyzes the image and matches the background design to render the TV "invisible" or close to it.

Users can toggle the settings for Ambient Mode to let the TV display the weather, news, and photos among other things.

Overall Improvements

Last year, Samsung innovated how consumers connected their devices to the TV. The One Connect Box used a small single cable that connects from the TV to hub that holds all of the input ports normally found on the back of a display unit. However, the large power cable was kept separate presumably due to technological constraints.

The QLED TVs rely on what the company calls its One Invisible Connection, which now integrates the power supply alongside all of the other ports. The cable can measure as long as 45 feet, which opens up a lot of options for the ideal entertainment placement.

Samsung claims that the Direct Full Array backlight on the premium QLED models result in a deeper black color reproduction. Furthermore, the entire catalog supports HDR10+ with an exclusive "Q HDR EliteMax" technology on the top-shelf variant.

Release Date And Pricing

The new Samsung QLED TVs are scheduled to come out later this month. The official pricing has yet to be announced but it costs anywhere from $2,200 to $3,900 depending on the model.

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