Instagram is currently testing a feature that allows users to tag their friends in videos, and not just in photos and Stories.

At present, an Instagram user must mention friends in a comment before they get notification about a posted video. Now, Instagram is conducting a test on a feature that will give users a chance to tag friends included in a video, according to TechCrunch.

In a statement, Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that an experiment about the feature is ongoing. A spokesperson said a "small percentage" of Instagram users are involved in the testing.

Testing New Features Usual For Instagram

The spokesperson said the testing is not new to Instagram as the company is constantly conducting tests on features that will help users enjoy their Instagram experience. The spokesperson added that the test usually involves features that will bring users closer to the people and the things they love. However, Instagram refused to give further details about the tests and if the company plans to roll it out to a larger segment of its users.

Since 2013, Instagram introduced a feature that allows users to tag their friends. Instagram then expanded it, allowing users to tag products and tag friends on their Stories. Instagram included video sharing on its platform in June 2013, but it failed to find a way for users to tag their friends.

How Video Tagging Works?

Instagram video tagging option is similar to tagging friends on photos. However, to see the list of tagged names over the video, a button must be pressed that will show a link containing the names of tagged people. With photos, tagged people can be seen by pressing a small icon at the bottom left.

With video becoming more important to its platform, Instagram has to find ways to expand sharing through its interface, introducing people to new products and connect larger groups via video chats. The move could also help Instagram increase its engagement as tagged users must relaunch the app after being notified that they were tagged in a certain video.

This move could also pave the way for shoppable videos and will allow Instagram influencers to post videos of their favorite products and places. Instagram influencers will also be allowed to tag other users to the brand's own Instagram accounts.

Social media platforms are constantly finding new ways to make user experience more enjoyable. Recently, Twitter tested a new feature that gives suggestions to users on what accounts to unfollow. Twitter conducted the test on a small fraction of its users, but it refused to confirm if the feature will be rolled out soon.

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