Hurricane Florence Looks Downright Terrifying From Space


Hurricane Florence is shaping up to be a horrible storm, and it does not look any better when you look at it from space.

Images and videos taken by NASA and astronauts on the International Space Station show Hurricane Florence at a different angle, compared to what we see on Earth. However, that does not make the hurricane any less frightening.

Hurricane Florence: Images And Videos From Space

Hurricane Florence is a Category 4 storm that is moving across the Atlantic and headed for the East Coast of the United States. It is expected start affecting North Carolina and South Carolina as early as Sept. 13.

The massive power behind Hurricane Florence resulted in amazing, and downright terrifying, images and videos taken from space. One of the astronauts who took images of Hurricane Florence was Alexander Gerst, a German astronaut onboard the International Space Station.

Describing Hurricane Florence as "a no-kidding nightmare" is certainly appropriate, with Gerst warning Americans on the East Coast to prepare for the storm's arrival. Fellow astronaut, Ricky Arnold, also took photos Hurricane Florence from space, while sounding out that the crew members of the International Space Station are thinking of the people who will be affected.

NASA itself uploaded a video of Hurricane Florence that was taken by the high-definition camera located outside the International Space Station. The space agency described the footage as "a stark and sobering" view of the storm, as it moved with wind speeds of 130 miles per hour.

Preparing For Hurricane Florence

The National Hurricane Center, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said that Hurricane Florence may lead to a life-threatening storm surge and rainfall.

Following Hurricane Florence are two more powerful storms crossing the Atlantic, namely Tropical Storm Isaac and Hurricane Helene. However, these two are predicted to not cause as much damage as expected of Hurricane Florence.

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