Telltale Games Shutting Down: 'The Walking Dead: The Final Season' Canceled


Telltale Games is shutting down, causing heartbreaks around the world with the cancellation of The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

The Walking Dead, which is on its fourth and final season, follows the adventures of Clementine in a zombie-filled world. Unfortunately, fans of the series may never see how her story ends.

Telltale Games Closing Down

Telltale Games, the studio behind licensed games based on The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us, and Batman, is closing down.

In a message released through its official Twitter account, the developer confirmed that it was indeed shutting down, with most of its 250 employees already laid off. Only 25 employees currently remain with the company, but only to fulfill its obligations to its board members and partners.

According to Telltale Games CEO Pete Hawley, the studio ran out of time in setting the company in a new direction. While the developer released some of its best content this year, the positive feedback did not translate to sales.

'The Walking Dead' Game Canceled

The remaining Telltale Games employees will continue working on Minecraft: Story Mode, which it is developing in partnership with Netflix. Meanwhile, other projects such as The Walking Dead: The Final Season, will likely be discontinued.

Fans of The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games reacted to the closure of the studio and the cancellation of the game's final season, ranging from shock to gratitude.

Melissa Hutchison, the actress behind the voice of Clementine, also delivered a message to fans of The Walking Dead, revealing more information on the fate of the series.

"I, unfortunately, like most of you, do not have the details on how this all came to be and I also do not know the fate of the final season of TWD," Hutchison said. "To my knowledge, they will release Episode 2 and then that will be it. It hurts me that you, the fans, will not get to see Clem's journey through to the end."

Telltale Games Layoffs

There is a silver lining for the 225 Telltale Games employees who have been laid off, as other developers in the video game industry have joined together to offer them jobs.

Companies that are offering positions to the Telltale Games employees include ZeniMax, Naughty Dog, Wizards of the Coast, Firaxis, Bend Studio, Santa Monica Studio, Ubisoft, Guerrilla Games, and many more.

Telltale Games may be shutting down, but its unique brand of storytelling will continue to live on with its employees, who will be bringing their expertise to the studios that they end up working for.

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