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Telltale's 'The Walking Dead: The Final Season' Saved By Skybound Games

'The Walking Dead: The Final Season' was expected to be canceled with the Telltale Games shutdown. However, Skybound Games, owned by 'The Walking Dead' creator Robert Kirkman, has swooped in to save the series.

Video Games October 8, 2018

Telltale Games Shutting Down: 'The Walking Dead: The Final Season' Canceled

Telltale Games is closing down, with most of its staff already laid off. The studio's shutdown means that 'The Walking Dead: The Final Season' will no longer continue, prematurely ending Clementine's adventures.

Video Games September 24, 2018

Netflix Will Start Streaming Video Games, Too: ‘Minecraft’ And ‘Strangers Things’ In Development

Netflix wants to tackle video games next. It’s now working with Telltale Games to bring 'Minecraft: Story Mode' to its streaming platform and release a more traditional video game based on 'Stranger Things.'

Video Games June 14, 2018

You’ll Have To Wait Until 2019 For ‘The Wolf Among Us 2’

Don’t hold your breath for ‘The Wolf Among Us 2’ this year. Telltale Games just announced that it’s been delayed and will likely be released next year instead.

Video Games May 28, 2018

Telltale Working On A 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Game With Marvel: Release Expected In 2017 Alongside 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2'

A document revealed that the first game resulting from the partnership between Marvel and Telltale Games will be based on the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' franchise. The title is expected to be released in 2017.

Video Games November 15, 2016

Second Telltale Batman Episode Coming Sept. 20

Telltale Games is preparing to release the second entry in its Batman saga. The game titled 'Children of Arkham' is set to hit digital stores before the end of September. Furthermore, a hard copy version will be released on Sept. 13.

Video Games September 6, 2016

'Batman: The Telltale Series' Will Have Multiplayer Feature

Telltale Games recently released more details about 'Batman: The Telltale Series' and confirmed that the RPG will have a multiplayer feature called 'Crowd Play,' a first for the developer's titles.

Video Games July 27, 2016

Watch The First Trailer For 'Batman: The Telltale Series'

With 'Batman: The Telltale Series' set to step out of the shadows in just a few short weeks, Telltale Games just released the first official worldwide trailer for the game.

Video Games July 19, 2016

'Batman: The Telltale Series' Gets Official Release Date

Telltale Games has officially announced the release date for the first episode of 'Batman: The Telltale Series.' The digital download is available in August, with a physical release coming in September.

Video Games July 15, 2016

E3 2016: Batman - The Telltale Series Sneak Peek Before Worldwide Release This Summer

Telltale Games has announced when the first game in the episodic series 'Batman - The Telltale Series' will roll out. A lot is expected from the gaming company that delivered the 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Wolf Among Us.'

Video Games June 14, 2016

Telltale Games Outs 'Minecraft: Story Mode' Episode 6 'A Portal To Mystery' Launch Trailer: Creepy Dinner, Anyone? [Video]

Telltale Games has launched a trailer for 'Minecraft: Story Mode' Episode 6, 'A Portal To Mystery.' Individual episodes will cost $4.99 but customers can get access to all three episodes with the Adventure Pass.

Video Games June 7, 2016

E3 2016: 'Batman: A Telltale Games Series' And 'The Walking Dead: Season 3' Set To Be Revealed

It's been a long time coming, but Telltale Games has confirmed that both 'Batman: A Telltale Games Series' and the third season of its 'The Walking Dead' game are coming later this year.

Video Games June 6, 2016

Get A Lot Of Games On The Cheap With Telltale's Humble Bundle

Looking to stock up on some great games? Telltale's Humble Bundle lets you pay what you want for some of its hottest titles, including both seasons of 'The Walking Dead.'

Geek April 13, 2016

'Minecraft: Story Mode' Episode 5 Coming Soon, But That's Not All: Three More Episodes Confirmed

‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ Episode 5 will soon be available on PC, Windows 10, PlayStation, Xbox One, and more. Players can also expect to see three more episodes of the game to launch later this year.

Video Games March 24, 2016

Telltale's Aging Game Engine Will Get A Major Facelift With Release Of Upcoming Batman Series

Fans of Telltale adventure games should have plenty to look forward to this summer, as the developer says it has given its game engine a major upgrade for the upcoming release of its Batman series.

Geek March 21, 2016

Telltale Games Shares Details About Upcoming Batman Series

Telltale Games revealed that 'Batman: A Telltale Games Series' will have players take on the role of Bruce Wayne and Batman, with the decisions that they make affecting their alter ego. The game is also said to be a fresh interpretation of the Batman universe.

Video Games March 21, 2016

Telltale Releases Launch Trailer For 'The Walking Dead: Michonne'

Telltale Games released the launch trailer for the first episode of its new three-episode miniseries 'The Walking Dead: Michonne,' which arrives this week for PC, consoles and iOS and Android devices.

Geek February 22, 2016

5 Franchises Telltale Games Should Tackle Next

Telltale Games has proven to be the go-to developer for adapting movies, shows and comics into video game form. Here are five franchises we would love to see the company work on next.

Geek February 18, 2016

'The Walking Dead: Michonne' Miniseries Premieres Feb. 23 For Consoles And PC

Telltale Games announced that the first part of a three-episode miniseries 'The Walking Dead: Michonne' will be released starting on Feb. 23

Geek February 10, 2016

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 Coming Soon: What We Know So Far

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 set will be released on Dec. 22. Telltale Games, the game developer, also confirmed that Episode 5 will be released in 2016.

Video Games December 14, 2015

In 'The Walking Dead: Michonne' Reveal Trailer, 'Not Everyone Deserves Saving'

Telltale Games revealed the trailer today for a new game, 'The Walking Dead: Michonne,' which will tell a new story about the character from the comic books over three episodes.

Geek December 4, 2015

A 'Batman' Telltale Games Series Is Coming In 2016

The Caped Crusader is officially part of the Telltale Games fold! The studio made the announcement that a Batman Telltale Games series is coming next year.

Geek December 4, 2015

Telltale Confirms A Second Season Of Their 'Game Of Thrones' Game Is In The Works

More digital adventures in Westeros are coming from developer Telltale Games.

Geek November 20, 2015

Telltale's 'Game Of Thrones' Episode Six Promises Big Battles To Come

The conclusion to Telltale's 'Game of Thrones' story is nearly here.

Geek November 11, 2015

Telltale’s 'Game Of Thrones Episode 1: Iron From Ice' Is Now Free-To-Play On All Major Platforms

Telltale is releasing the first episode of its 'Game of Thrones' games series for free. At the same time, the gaming company is set to release the final episode of the series, 'Episode 6: The Ice Dragon', on Nov. 17.

Video Games October 22, 2015

Telltale Announces Release Date For Season's Final 'Game Of Thrones' Episode

Video game developer Telltale Games announced that it's offering the first episode of 'Game of Thrones' for free while also announcing the release date for the final episode of the series.

Geek October 21, 2015

'Minecraft: Story Mode' Review Roundup: Pile Of Rocks Or Fun-Filled Blocks?

‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ was released only recently and has been made available to a number of platforms such as the PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Android and iOS. We’ve picked some of the best reviews on the game and have arranged them in a non-subjective order.

Video Games October 21, 2015

Minecraft: Story Mode Is Out: 'Just Play It'

Telltale Games finally released its first ever Story Mode for 'Minecraft.' Get ready for an epic adventure and a lot of fun as you build and craft your way around the world of Minecraft

Video Games October 14, 2015

Telltale Pulls Multiple Games From iTunes After Reports Of iOS 9 Issues

Hey, where did my Telltale video games go? 'The Walking Dead?' 'The Wolf Among Us?' Those and more have been pulled from iTunes while an issue with iOS 9 is being investigated.

Geek October 7, 2015

'Minecraft: Story Mode' Trailer Previews First Episode's Story

On October 13, gamers will get their first taste of 'Minecraft: Story Mode,' from Telltale Games. Can Telltale make magic out of an open-world game about building blocks?

Geek October 1, 2015

It’s Official: Telltale Set To Launch ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ For PC And Consoles In October

Telltale Games announced the release date of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1. The Order of the Stone will be available starting Oct. 13.

Video Games September 18, 2015

Minecraft: Story Mode' Launching On Oct. 27, Says Amazon

Release date of ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ is spotted at online retailing site Amazon which says that the upcoming title from Telltale Games will become available in North America beginning on Oct. 27.

Video Games September 8, 2015

Telltale's 'Minecraft: Story Mode' Stars Patton Oswalt As A Minecraft Geek

When Telltale Games and Mojang put their heads together, they decided to create a game that tells a story within the world of 'Minecraft.' Here's what it's about, who's in its unique voice cast, and the first trailer.

Geek July 4, 2015

Game Dreaming: Creating The Ideal 'True Detective' Video Game

HBO's crime drama has plenty of fascinating elements that could work beautifully in the realm of video games.

Geek June 19, 2015

E3 2015: 'The Walking Dead: Michonne' Is Telltale's Next Game

Telltale Games made a surprise announcement the day before E3. The next 'Walking Dead' game series its producing will take a break from Clementine and focus on popular comic book and TV character Michonne.

Geek June 15, 2015

Game Dreaming: Imagining The Perfect 'Game Of Thrones' Action-RPG

Taking inspiration from existing open world RPGs and the 'Game of Thrones' video games that have come before, we imagine what our ideal game set in George R.R. Martin's fantasy world would look like.

Geek June 5, 2015

Marvel Meets Telltale Games: 3 Predictions For The Studios’ New Secret Project

When Telltale Games and Marvel announced that they'd be releasing a game in 2017, everyone got excited...but no one knows what it is. Here's our top three picks for what the studios could be working on...

Geek April 25, 2015

Telltale's 'Game Of Thrones' Episode 3 Releases This Week, Features Dragons And More Hard Choices

Telltale's Game of Thrones saga returns this week with its third episode, as House Forrester lies on the brink of destruction.

Geek March 23, 2015

Incredible PlayStation Store Flash Sale: 75 Games Are Less Than $1 Each

Grab your wallet and get ready to act fast. PlayStation has put 75 downloadable games on deep discount for less than $1 each!

Geek March 21, 2015

Telltale's 'Game Of Thrones' Episode Two Review: Calm Before The Storm

Telltale's Game of Thrones saga continues as House Forrester finds itself with its back against the wall.

Geek February 4, 2015

Telltale's 'Game Of Thrones' Episode 2 Launch Trailer Promises Even More Bloodshed

Telltale's 'Game of Thrones' video game continues this week, with all the battles and betrayals you've come to expect.

Geek February 2, 2015

'Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords' Release Date Finally Revealed

The show's return may still be a ways away, but at least the next episode in Telltale Games' 'Game of Thrones' series is almost here: the game's release date was revealed in a new trailer earlier today.

Geek January 22, 2015

Mojang Partners with Telltale Games: Say Hello to Minecraft: Story Mode

Mojang has teamed up with Telltale Games for the development of Minecraft: Story Mode. The game will be released in episodes, beginning next year.

Video Games December 19, 2014

'Minecraft: Story Mode' Coming From Telltale Games & Mojang

Are you ready for a Minecraft spinoff that focuses on storytelling? It may sound crazy — until you hear that Telltale Games is making it. 'Minecraft: Story Mode' will be an episodic game series launching in 2015.

Geek December 18, 2014

Telltale's 'Game of Thrones' Episode One Review: The North Will Remember That

The first episode of Telltale's 'Game of Thrones' is here, and it delivers everything you could possibly want out of a game set in George R.R. Martin's dark fantasy world.

Geek December 3, 2014

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