Winner Of 'Big Brother' Season 20 Finally Revealed


After airing for the entire summer, Big Brother season 20 has finally announced its winner. Kaycee Clark was hailed as the reality show's ultimate victor.

The show is hosted by Julie Chen-Moonves, who notably took a short leave from the show following her husband's involvement in issues regarding sexual abuse. Together with the winner, the show's final three contestants were Tyler Crispen and JC Mounduix. Clark won by a 5-4 vote over Crispen, who got the second place.

"I know my social game was going to take me very, very far," said Clark during her plea for the jury's vote.

Clark's Big Brother Experience

"It honestly doesn't. I mean, I can't even believe that I was in the Big Brother house. And to be here and to win the whole thing is mind blowing. I cannot believe it. It's so surreal. It really is," said the winner, adding that her victory still seems surreal and overwhelming.

She added that people will not really know how it feels to be a housemate unless they are inside the house. According to her, the entire experience is crazy, and she did not expect it to be that hard. She also went on to say that it is easier to just watch the show than be a part of it.

Big Brother Bets

Crispen and the winner have mostly been the show's top bets for most of the season and were both expected to make it to the final cut. Surprisingly, Mounduix went past Angela Rummans after he won the Head of Household contest for the first time.

Unfortunately, the third placer's luck did not stay with him for long after Crispen and Clark beat him in the first couple of rounds of the Head of Household competition on Sept. 26. The three duked it out in the contest, which involved memory-based and endurance challenges.

In the end, Clark won over the hit show's jury and got a staggering $500,000 prize. On the other hand, Crispen went home with the $50,000 prize he won for being the second placer. Additionally, he was voted by his fans as "America's Favorite Houseguest" and got an additional $25,000 for the award.

The reality star is planning to help her family with the money that she won on the show and invest on their future. She also assured people that she will be smart on how she spends her prize money and make sure to help tons of people with it.

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