Amanda Stanton Of 'The Bachelor' Fame Arrested For Domestic Violence


Amanda Stanton, who starred in The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise was arrested by the authorities in Las Vegas due to domestic battery.

According to reports, Stanton was partying with her friends for a bachelorette party at The Encore Beach Club inside the Wynn hotel. The authorities stated that the security came to the star's room for a noise complaint and Bobby Jacobs, her boyfriend, was conversing when a guard. This was when the reality star intervened and shoved her boyfriend.

Amanda Stanton Charged With Domestic Violence

The shove was reportedly hard enough for the guards to call the police who then arrested Stanton for domestic violence. However, she was released on Sept. 10.

"Amanda is embarrassed and ashamed this happened and sincerely apologizes to hotel security and the Las Vegas Police Department," said Steve Honig, the star's representative in a statement sent to E! News.

Honig added that Stanton is a gentle and respectful individual who has never had a fight with someone under any circumstances. He added that she had a few drinks during the time of the incident and gave her boyfriend what she thought was a friendly shove.

Additionally, Jacobs told the police that the action was not ill. However, the authorities still had to do their job, which is something Stanton understands and respects.

After Stanton was arrested, the mother of two was taken to the Clark County Detention Center.

On Sept. 11, Stanton shared on Instagram a photo of her and her boyfriend aboard a JetSuite flight. The two appeared to still be together after the altercation. The couple started dating early this year after they had met each other on Instagram.

'The Bachelor' Star's Flings

Stanton became famous after she had appeared in season 20 of The Bachelor. The celebrity also appeared in the second season of Bachelor in Paradise where she became romantically involved and engaged to Josh Murray. She also dated Robby Hayes but the two split in September 2017.

Stanton's fans also defended her on Twitter and even recounted when Hayes cheated on her. Notably, Stanton and her friends, Haley and Emily Ferguson, accused Hayes of cheating on her with another girl when he attending a concert in Colorado.

However, Hayes has denied the accusations. He even went to Twitter to defend himself after he had garnered hate messages. He stated that the twins were just projecting an innocent image and attacking him with malicious accusations. Stanton responded with photos of Hayes where he was seen kissing a blonde girl.

"'A desperate need to present an innocent persona." - the guy who denies cheating when there is photo proof #beamanalready," she captioned.

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