Hillary Clinton Drops By For 'Murphy Brown' Premiere Episode


Murphy Brown finally returned to television and it featured ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The politician did not appear in the hit show as herself. Instead, she played a woman named Hilary, who always gets mistaken as the former presidential candidate. However, she spells her name with one L.

The show's creator, Diane English, already revealed that they will have a really famous person on its first episode during the Television Critics Association press tour panel.

She added the people behind the show are always looking for new ways to blur the line between reality and fiction.

Hillary Clinton's Cameo

In the episode, Brown is trying to assemble his team together for a new show. Just like her real-life persona, she also wore a pantsuit during her interview for the secretarial position at the cable news show of Murphy Brown, Murphy in the Morning.

Furthermore, she made fun of herself by citing her political career when she was asked about her former experience with a teamwork and technology.

"Your reputation proceeds you, but I want you to know I'm not afraid of hard work, I'm qualified, and I'm ready on day one," she said at the start of her interview.

"For four years I was the secretary ... of a very large organization," Clinton also mentioned during the interview scene.

She even added that she had experiences with working with e-mails before.

When asked about what it took to run an entire production, she mentioned one of the taglines of her campaign. The 70-year-old said that everybody should work together, and it takes a village to do the job.

Brown thought that Clinton was immensely overqualified for the job, needed time to think about whether or not to have her onboard. To cap off her appearance, she left Murphy with a business card that had her e-mail —

Original Murphy Brown Show

The original show ran for an astonishing 10 seasons starting 1998. It also featured quite a number of public figures including celebrities such as Connie Chung, Aretha Franklin, and public servant Dan Quayle.

Before former vice president Quayle appeared on the show, he criticized it for promoting single motherhood when one of its main characters got pregnant and decided to raise her son by herself. He made a cameo on the You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato: Part 2 episode that aired in 1992.

This is Clinton's first appearance on CBS this season. She is scheduled to do another cameo in the first episode of Madam Secretary season 5.

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