HP, in its mission to reinvent every aspect of the PC, unveiled the Spectre Folio, a laptop that is unlike any other in the market.

HP sold the most number of laptops last year, but HP's portable computers do not get as much attention as the unibody aluminum or ultra-lightweight laptops that are made by its rivals. The HP Spectre Folio, however, is looking to change things.

New HP Laptop Made Of Leather

In an industry where specifications reign supreme, HP decided to focus on aesthetics to make its new laptop stand out.

The HP Spectre Folio is a laptop made out of leather, with the company describing the device as the world's first leather convertible PC. The leather portion of the laptop is neither a simple sleeve nor a small part of the chassis but rather a premium-looking full cover that is supported by a skeleton magnesium frame.

The frame enables the HP Spectre Folio's 2-in-1 assembly, but it works a bit differently compared to other such laptops. Instead of folding the display backward to transform it into a tablet, users will need to pull the display forward over the keyboard. Magnets will then latch the display into the base of the keyboard, if tenting the device, or into the edge of the laptop to lay it flat.

The leather construction is not the only notable thing about the HP Spectre Folio 13 though. It is also the first laptop to use Intel's low-power display technology, which may reduce the screen's battery usage by half. Combined with the laptop's massive battery that promises up to 19 hours of juice, this makes for a device that can be trusted while out on the go.

HP Spectre Folio Price And Release Date

The HP Spectre Folio is also the first laptop to feature the new dual-core, eighth generation Y-series Intel CPU, enabling a fan-less design. It comes with two USB-C ports, one Thunderbolt port, and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

Preorders for the HP Spectre Folio are now available through HP's official website or through Best Buy. The Intel Core i5 model has a starting price of $1,299.99, while the Intel Core i7 model has a starting price of $1,499.99. The laptop starts shipping near the end of October.

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