Gisele Bundchen Shares Dismay Over News That Tom Brady's Ex Was Pregnant In New Book


Gisele Bundchen just released a book on Oct. 2 where she opened up about the rocky start of her relationship with her husband, Tom Brady.

In the world-famous supermodel's memoir titled "Lessons: My Path To A Meaningful Life," she revealed that her world felt like it turned upside down when she knew that Brady's ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, was pregnant two months after he had been dating her.

A Hard Time For Gisele Bundchen

"Two months into our relationship, Tom told me his ex-girlfriend was pregnant," the supermodel wrote. "The very next day the news was everywhere, and I felt my world had been turned upside down."

She said that it was not the perfect situation for anyone and there was nothing that could have prepared her for it. Gisele added that she did not consider it an easy time for her or all the people that were involved in the situation.

Despite the challenge, she wanted to be the one who helped the New England Patriots quarterback and his child in the hard and confusing time.

"I wanted to be there for Jack and Tom, and do whatever I could to create stability in their lives, and help them to have a close relationship," she stated.

The celebrity couple started dating 12 years ago. On the other hand, Brady's relationship with Moynahan ended in the same year. Jack was born in August 2007 and is now 11 years old.

Family Life  

Despite considering the news as shocking years ago, she now views what had happened as a blessing in disguise. Gisele thanked him for making her heart grow more than she could ever have imagined.

She even refers to Jack as her bonus child. Additionally, his birth inspired her to have kids sooner with the famous athlete because they wanted him to have siblings that are closer to Jack's age.

The Brazilian model now has an 8-year-old son, Benjamin, and 5-year-old daughter, Vivian. The former Victoria's Secret Angel is also proud of her bond with Jack. In fact, she mentioned that the family is video calling him after eating. He is also learning how to speak Portuguese, her native language.

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