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Gisele Bundchen Shares Dismay Over News That Tom Brady's Ex Was Pregnant In New Book

Former Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bundchen revealed that she had a rough start in her relationship with New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. Bundchen found out that Brady’s ex-girlfriend was pregnant two months after he had been dating her.

Celebrities October 3, 2018

Tinder Users Predict Patriots Win Super Bowl, And Everyone Would Swipe Right For Brady

According to a Tinder ‘Super Poll,’ the New England Patriots will win Super Bowl LI, as Tom Brady is the most liked player among users.

Apps/Software February 3, 2017

The NFL Gets Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Treatment Before Super Bowl LI [VIDEO]

Bad Lip Reading released its annual NFL video starring Tom Brady and other players in both the AFC and NFC in celebration of Super Bowl LI.

Viral February 2, 2017

Seventh Grader Disproves Deflategate With Science Experiment

Leave it to a kid to get down to the bottom of the Deflategate controversy involving Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and the NFL.

Movies/TV Shows March 9, 2016

Tom Brady Grants Christmas Wish Of 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots granted the Christmas wish of an 8-year-old girl diagnosed with cancer. The football star invited the kid to meet up with him, take photos, and give inspiration.

Life December 29, 2015

South Park Delivers Hilarious Deflategate Summary

When Cartman has a nightmare, he dreams of an obscenity-laced power struggle between New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell over the Deflategate scandal.

Movies/TV Shows September 17, 2015

New Promo For 'South Park' Season 19 Premiere Teases Caitlyn Jenner Episode And Deflategate Controversy

The Season 19 premiere will focus on Caitlyn Jenner and features jabs at Tom Brady and the Deflategate scandal.

Movies/TV Shows September 15, 2015

Why Tom Brady Seems To Be Subliminally Pulling For Donald Trump In Presidential Race

A reporter spotted the New England Patriots' star quarterback with a 'Make America Great Again' hat in his locker at Gillette Stadium over the weekend. The slogan has been the theme of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Movies/TV Shows September 7, 2015

NFL Deletes Tweet Of Elite Quarterbacks For Super Bowl 50 After Leaving Out Tom Brady

In asking followers to fill in the blanks in 'It will be ______ vs. ______ at Super Bowl 50,' the league accompanied the tweet with 7 elite quarterbacks, failing to include Tom Brady. The QB led the New England Patriots to a Super Bowl win in February. The NFL has since deleted the tweet.

Movies/TV Shows September 7, 2015

Tom Brady Beats NFL In Deflategate Court Case, To Play Week 1

The New England Patriots quarterback will play his team's opening game against the Pittsburgh Steelers next week after a judge decided to nullify the NFL's four-game Deflategate suspension of Tom Brady.

Movies/TV Shows September 3, 2015

Interview: ESPN's Matthew Berry Talks Fantasy Football's Most Undervalued Players, Other Hot-Button Fantasy Topics

ESPN's Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst names the most-undervalued players to look out for this Fantasy Football season. He explains why Tom Brady is still a solid choice at quarterback and why Adrian Peterson is his No. 1-ranked player.

Movies/TV Shows August 12, 2015

Tom Brady Takes Shot At Peyton Manning In An Email

In an email made public with Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension, the New England Patriots quarterback confidently stated last November that he has another seven or eight seasons, while Peyton Manning only has two remaining.

Movies/TV Shows August 6, 2015

Tom Brady's Deflategate Appeal Denied, Four-Game Suspension Stands

After over a month of waiting, the New England Patriots quarterback's appeal was shut down, as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell upheld the decision. Tom Brady's lawyer told the league that his client's cell phone had been destroyed.

Movies/TV Shows July 28, 2015

Deflategate Fallout Leads To NFL Planning On Random Football Air Pressure Checks This Season

Beginning with the 2015 NFL season this fall, the league will conduct pregame football air pressure readings, as well as random halftime and postgame re-checks.

Movies/TV Shows July 27, 2015

The 5 Biggest Reaches From The Patriots' Rebuttal Of The Wells Report

The New England Patriots offered a point-by-point, 20,000-word rebuttal to the Wells Report. Here are the five strongest points made by the franchise.

Movies/TV Shows May 15, 2015

Tom Brady Merchandise Sales Up 100 Percent Since Suspension Was Announced

Despite a 4-game suspension for his part in the Deflategate scandal, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is seeing a 100 percent surge in merchandise sales. Definitely some loyal Brady fans out there.

Movies/TV Shows May 14, 2015

Who is Tom Brady's Backup Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo?

Jimmy Garoppolo will replace suspended New England Patriots starting quarterback Tom Brady for the first four games of the 2015 season. Here's what you should know about Garoppolo.

Movies/TV Shows May 14, 2015

Report: Friendship Between Roger Goodell And Robert Kraft Dead After Tom Brady Deflate Gate Suspension

The friendship between Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell is "pretty much dead," one NFL owner said after Monday's ruling to suspend Tom Brady for four games. That's how it goes sometimes.

Movies/TV Shows May 12, 2015

NFL Players React On Twitter To Tom Brady's Deflate Gate Suspension

The NFL came down hard on Tom Brady and his fellow players in the league—past and present—had plenty to say about it. Here's the best Twitter reaction on the New England Patriots quarterback's suspension.

Internet Culture May 12, 2015

Watch Jon Stewart Destroy Tom Brady in Hilarious Rant On Deflate Gate Scandal

Jon Stewart didn't pull any punches, dispatching Tom Brady over his involvement in the Deflate Gate scandal. The Daily Show host's rant on Brady is truly must-see TV.

Movies/TV Shows May 8, 2015

The Most Damaging Text Messages From Deflate Gate; Tom Brady Reacts

Text-message exchanges involving Tom Brady and naming the star quarterback's name don't bode well for the New England Patriots. You be the judge.

Movies/TV Shows May 7, 2015

New England Patriots Found Guilty In Deflate Gate, Report Also Points Finger At Tom Brady

The New England Patriots have been found guilty of Deflate Gate and Tom Brady was 'generally aware' of what was happening. That's what Ted Wells' report has concluded. It remains to be seen how the NFL will respond to this news.

Movies/TV Shows May 6, 2015

Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Take Responsibility For #Deflategate on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Over half a dozen Bostonian celebrities took responsibility for #deflategate in a funny spoof on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Massachusetts-raised actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are taking full responsibility. The two, in their best Boston accents, revealed their stories behind what really happened to those deflated footballs that could have helped the Patriots get the AFC championship game win

Internet Culture January 30, 2015

The Best #DeflateGate Memes

We've got loads of #DeflateGate memes, and you know you want 'em. So come and get 'em. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Patriots... The gang's all here!

Internet Culture January 23, 2015

#Deflategate Has Really Proven That Tom Brady Has A Lot To Say About Balls

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady held a press conference on Thursday to address #Deflategate and he just couldn't stop saying the word balls.

Internet Culture January 23, 2015

Tom Brady’s pre-NFL resume is spectacularly unremarkable

Turns out NFL star Tom Brady's post-grad resume isn't so different for the rest of the world's. Although his Super Bowl rings say otherwise.

Movies/TV Shows September 18, 2014

'Madden NFL 15': The top five quarterbacks revealed

Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers lead the list of most talented quarterbacks in 'Madden NFL 15.' See who else rounds out the top five.

Geek July 24, 2014

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