Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were spotted at New York City's Marriage Bureau. The couple is finally getting ready to walk down the aisle.

The two were photographed going inside the building on Sept. 13. According to witnesses, Bieber was shedding tears while telling his fiancée that he cannot wait to marry her. He also thanked a court official for keeping it as a secret.

Big Wedding

An eyewitness also suggested that a judge was involved in the visit. If so, the two might have just gotten married. However, it has not been confirmed yet.

Notably, marriage licenses in the city are valid a day after getting it up to 60 days. This suggests that the two might get married until Nov. 13. However, the waiting period can be canceled by a justice or judge of the Supreme Court of the state or the county judge of the place where Bieber or Baldwin lives.

Despite being seen entering the bureau, a source said that the two are not hurrying to tie the knot. The 24-year-old well-known singer proposed to Baldwin, 21, on July 7 at a local restaurant in the Bahamas.

Furthermore, Bieber was also reported to hang out with Stephen Baldwin, the model's father, on Sept. 10. The two were seen in Grand Rapids, Michigan, while on their way to attend a music festival.

"The couple have talked to a lot of people close to them, and are listening to the constant advice they've been receiving to 'enjoy the ride,'" stated a source.

"[They are] in a loving relationship and are working on the foundation now to maintain the forever," the source added.

Wedding Plans

Another friend of the singer told the press that the famous couple got a wedding planner to sort out their wedding's details. They have also been checking out possible venues for the ceremony. When the model was asked about what she imagined her wedding would be, she stated that she imagined lights everywhere.

The model added that the wedding might be celebrated on the West Coast. Moreover, when asked about marrying young, she stated that she sees no other reason to wait because she knows that it is right. Notably, her sister and parents tied the knot at a young age as well.

"I think they love him more than me!" explained Baldwin when she was asked what her parents thought of her fiancé.

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