Samantha Grant Turns Ire On Half Sister Meghan Markle's Mom


Shortly after giving a public apology on British national television, Samantha Grant had a change of heart and attacked Meghan Markle's mother.

Grant criticized Doria Ragland on Twitter and said that Thomas Markle, Sr., their dad, was responsible for raising the Suits star more than her mother. She said that the Duchess of Sussex only spent weekends with her mom and Thomas was the one who used to take and pick up the Duchess of Sussex from school when she was still studying. 

Grant's Attack Against Ragland

"Dad pretty much raised her most of her life on his own and Doria was not around very much," Grant wrote to her 7,000 followers on Twitter.

"[Meghan] has to make peace with our father who gave her everything. Her mother wasn't even really around," she also stated, adding that he did more for the former actress than anyone in her life. She even said that the 74-year-old was the best father in the world.

The outspoken Markle sister claimed that when she was still a teenager, Ragland and her father divorced. Meghan was still 6 during that time. When the Duchess of Sussex was already 12, she rented a place below Meghan and her father's flat.

Markle's dad has previously shared his opinion about being a huge part in raising Meghan. According to him, he does not want to stay quiet. What angers him more is his daughter thinks she is far more superior than anyone. He also mentioned that she would be nothing without him.

Markle Family Feud

When the 53-year-old opened up to Jeremy Vine about her feelings, she said that she was just hurt that she was not invited to the royal wedding in Windsor on May 18 this year. However, she still loves her half-sister very much. Additionally, she even visited Buckingham Palace in hopes of seeing the Duchess of Sussex.

The promising author claimed that Meghan ghosted her family and needs to earn their trust back. Furthermore, she said that her mother might be her closest friend at the moment because she also turned her back on Nikki Priddy, her best friend for the last three decades.

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