Apple is planning to give away the original content that it is currently developing for free, to everyone who owns an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Last year, a report revealed that Apple was investing $1 billion into original shows, and many thought that the plan was to challenge Netflix and Amazon Prime in the video streaming service. However, it looks like Apple has something else in mind.

Apple Original Programming Will Be Free

A report from last month revealed that Apple was taking a conservative approach with its planned streaming service. There will be no sex, profanity, or violence in the original content, which will instead include the likes of The Elephant Queen and Wolfwalkers.

It was unclear how Apple will challenge Netflix and Amazon Prime with relatively "boring" content. Apparently, the company is not planning to.

According to CNBC, Apple will be giving away its original content, as part of a new digital video service that will also include subscription services from legacy media companies. The service will appear under a revamped TV app to owners of iOS and tvOS devices, which are iPhones, iPads, and the Apple TV.

The TV app will include the free Apple original content and subscription channels where users can sign up for online only services from companies such as HBO and Starz.

Apple is planning to launch the new TV app early next year, with the decision to go with free original programs similar to how U2 gave away its Songs of Innocence album to all iTunes customers.

Remaining Questions For Apple Streaming Service

It remains unclear which "legacy media companies" will be allowed to offer channels through the new TV app, and if it is planned to replace the standalone apps for streaming services such as Netflix. It is also unknown if the app will be different among iOS and tvOS devices, and how customers will pay for their subscriptions to channels.

What is clear, however, is that Apple is not holding back. Apple is one of very few companies that can invest $1 billion into original content just to give it all away, while further locking in users within its ecosystem in the process.

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