Nintendo Switch Might Finally Be Getting YouTube


According to unconfirmed reports, an official YouTube app might finally arrive on the Nintendo Switch, currently one of the very few modern devices still without a native YouTube client.

If true, that app will have arrived nearly two years after the console was launched in March 2017, which is certainly a very long time for such a seemingly simple app to be ported on to a console, which, even more amusingly, is reportedly Nintendo's easiest platform to develop for.

Nintendo still hasn't and will probably never explain the reasoning behind the lack of major video streaming apps on its hybrid console, but this rumor will at least calm some of the anger and confusion from fans.

Is YouTube Coming To Nintendo Switch?

A poster on the ResetEra forums is responsible for this alleged tidbit. They shared a tweet from French YouTube site NintendHOME, which tweeted an image of a YouTube app button purportedly found in the recommended apps" section on Nintendo's website.

The image features the YouTube logo with a "Coming: Nov. 8, 2018" stamped just below, suggesting that the app will go live on Nov. 8.

Take this rumor with a grain of salt, of course. Anyone can fake anything on the internet these days. People won't believe the level of sophistication and misdirection a simple "inspect element" job and a few clicks on Adobe Photoshop can lead to.

Why This Might Be True

On a more positive note, Nintendo's other consoles, the Wii U and 3DS, do have a YouTube app, so it's not entirely impossible for the Switch to have one too. That being said, both of those consoles also have Netflix, which the Switch still doesn't have for unexplained reasons.

Either way, Nov. 8 isn't that too far, so time will eventually tell if this is all true or is just a cruel hoax for Switch users aching for a decent YouTube client on their machine. Ultimately, though, it's fair to say the fact that the Switch still doesn't have its own YouTube app is ridiculous, especially considering its handheld nature makes it one of the most perfect devices to use the app on. Even more ridiculous is the lack of Netflix — Hulu is on there, though — which seems an even greater loss given that the Switch would probably make an excellent media player. What gives, Nintendo? Netflix?

Thoughts about YouTube finally arriving on the Switch? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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