Which state nabbed the top spot as this year’s healthiest state? Some of the top state’s strengths include low obesity, smoking, and air pollution rates.

Healthiest State Of 2018

The 2018 annual report of the United Health Foundation declared Hawaii as the healthiest state for 2018, nabbing the top spot again this year after it went down to second place in 2017. This is Hawaii’s fourth time to be number one in the past five years, and its ninth year as the healthiest state since rankings were first published in 1990.

Some of Hawaii’s strengths that landed it on the top spot are its low obesity and smoking prevalence rates, low disparity in health status between those with and without a high school education, low levels of air pollution, low prevalence rate of frequent mental distress, and high number of primary care physicians compared to the national ratio.

However, the state is still facing certain health challenges including excessive drinking, diabetes, salmonella, and lower Tdap vaccine rates compared to the national rates.

Most Challenged States Of 2018

On the flip side, Louisiana took the 50th spot from Mississippi this year as the state with the most health challenges. It ranked 50th in behavior as well as community & environment categories, 48th in health outcomes, and 47th in clinical care.

Some of its other problem areas are its high prevalence rates in terms of obesity, smoking, children in poverty, and frequent mental and physical distress, as well as its high percentage of low birthweight babies.

That said, Louisiana has a high number of mental health providers, high HPV immunization among females, and high Tdap and meningococcal immunization among adolescents. The state also has low incidence rates of pertussis.

The other states at the bottom of the board were Mississippi in the 49th place, Alabama in the 48th place, Oklahoma at number 47, and Arkansas at number 46.

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