Anyone who's ever had a dog knows that the toughest part isn't the training - it's any time you have to leave them behind. Depending on the dog, just leaving to go to the store or heading to work can be a painful experience. How could you leave such a precious little puppy behind? Unfortunately, it's an inevitable part of owning a dog...but it's not as if they're sad the entire time you're gone. They're dogs - they probably forget that you left five seconds later and start chewing on the furniture, right?

Wrong. One poor, unfortunate GoPro owner will forever have to leave the house knowing that this is what his dog does while he's gone:

That is quite easily one of the saddest things in the world. The puppy is so excited to head out, but when his owners leave without him, the excitement slowly fades into sadness. There's definite confusion at first, as the dog cycles between the different doors in the house, hoping that his owner will come back through one of them, only to realize they aren't coming back...and then the howling starts.

This isn't a powerful, wolf-in-the-wild style howl; this is the pained, wounded howl of a dog that feels abandoned. It only gets worse when the dog lays its head down in defeat, only to pick up howling yet again. Even those who have never owned a dog before will have trouble keeping their eyes dry once that howling starts.

Maybe setting up that GoPro wasn't such a good idea in the first place...

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