Just days after Christmas, Instagram users were infuriated with the photo-sharing app's newest design that rolled out on Thursday via an update, to which an official said was not intentional.

Instagram just had a facelift wherein users need to swipe sideways or tap to see new post, pretty much like how Stories and even Tinder function. This was far from what people were accustomed to doing, which was scrolling vertically to check photos.

Scrolling down would only show the comments, while notifications, DMs, search, and profile remained in their respective locations. Only those who updated their Instagram app had experienced the horizontal feed, although there seemed to be a lot of users who had done so if their rants on social media are to be looked at.

Users were unhappy about this new, yet abrupt, introduction of the landscape orientation of their feeds and immediately took to Twitter to air their disappointment. Most were unpleased, with a lot asking Instagram to change it back to its original interface, and of course, it spawned a lot of memes.

Instagram New Feed Design Was Unintentional

However, it turned out that the change was not permanent. According to a tweet, Instagram said the horizontal feed was because of a bug and explained that they had fixed the issue a few hours after the new design went live. They also apologized for the confusion created.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram's vice president of product management who only hopped on board the company a few months ago, gave a more lucrative answer and explained that it was a mishap. He also apologized for the blunder.

"This was supposed to be a very small test but we went broader than we anticipated," he tweeted.

Reverting To The Old Instagram

As said, the mess had been fixed and users can revert to the old interface by closing and then restarting the app. Although Instagram is back to its old self, it left users asking if this will eventually be rolled out in the future.

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