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Apple Says Solution For FaceTime Eavesdropping Bug Won't Come Till Next Week

Apple announced that the update that will fix the FaceTime bug will arrive by next week. The flaw allowed users to eavesdrop to other members who didn't answer the call.

Apple February 2, 2019

Kids Are Using Too Much Toothpaste; Here's What The CDC Recommends

The government health agency found that many young kids are using too much toothpaste than they should be. This could lead to streaks on the teeth when they age.

Public Health February 2, 2019

Samsung To Replace Plastic Packaging With Sustainable Materials

Samsung announced that it will be starting to ditch plastic packaging for its products starting the first half of this year. Chargers of smartphones will have a matte finish instead of the glossy aesthetic.

Gadgets January 28, 2019

Drunk Man Who Swallowed A Catfish Hospitalized

Four friends were inspired by a stunt in the MTV show 'Jackass' and swallowed goldfish. One of them tried ingesting a bronze catfish but went to the hospital after it got stuck on his throat.

Feature | Health January 28, 2019

Ebola Spreads To High-Security Risk Area, WHO Says

The World Health Organization recently said that the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has made its way to another area, Kayina. The strife-torn area has reported five cases.

Public Health January 26, 2019

Hedgehogs May Be To Blame For Salmonella Outbreak In 8 States

The federal health agency warned pet owners to be cautious in holding their pet hedgehogs after 10 of the 11 cases reported from eight states had contact with the animal. There is no death reported and only one was hospitalized.

Public Health January 26, 2019

Apple May Soon Be Making Its Own Batteries

Apple hired a Samsung SDI official who used to be in charge of new innovations of battery technology. This left people asking if the Cupertino, California-based company is eyeing an in-house production of batteries.

Apple January 25, 2019

Liberian Bat Carries Ebola Virus, The First In West Africa

A Liberian bat was found to carry the deadly Ebola virus, the reason for the current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This marks the first time that a disease-carrying animal was discovered in West Africa.

Public Health January 24, 2019

Alcohol-Related Diseases Dethrone Hepatitis C As Top Reason For Liver Transplant

Alcohol-related diseases are the top reason for liver transplant in the United States and not Hepatitis C anymore. Researchers pointed out that this might be because the latter is easier to treat with effective drugs.

Public Health January 23, 2019

SpaceX Starship Test Rocket Damaged By Strong Winds, Repair To Take Weeks

The nosecone of the prototype of SpaceX's Starship toppled over because of strong winds in Texas. The company's CEO, Elon Musk, said repair will take weeks and explained that the tanks at the bottom were not damaged.

Space January 23, 2019

Classic Google Hangouts Will Begin To Say Goodbye In October

Google announced that Hangouts for G Suite customers will be bidding adieu this October. As for other consumers, it is expected that the same will happen by 2020.

Google January 23, 2019

Apple's Contest Can Put Your iPhone Photo On A Billboard

iPhone users may have a chance to get their photos that were taken via Apple smartphones to be featured in billboards and other marketing channels of the tech company. Entries should be submitted on or before Feb. 7.

Feature | Tech January 22, 2019

Price Of Insulin Almost Doubled Over A 5-Year Time Frame

Prices of insulin nearly doubled from 2012 to 2016, according to a study, and usage of the medication only rose to 3 percent. This is a nod to the growing number of people airing their grievances to the soaring costs.

Medicine January 22, 2019

Here's Why WhatsApp Limits Forwarding Messages To Only 5 Times

WhatsApp announced that users can only forward messages five times from the previous 20 times in a bid to fight the spread of fake news. This followed the six-month experiment in India, where malicious news caused lynching last year.

Apps/Software January 21, 2019

Investigation Shows CRISPR Researcher He Jiankui's Work On First Gene-Edited Babies Broke The Law

Chinese CRISPR Scientist He Jiankui was found to have illegally edited the genes of the babies. Law authorities said he and others involved will be dealt with accordingly.

Biotech January 21, 2019

Parents Of 18-Month-Old Who Died Of Fentanyl Overdose On Christmas Day Charged

An 18-month-old met her untimely demise on Christmas Day because of fentanyl overdose. Her parents were charged with second-degree murder and were found that they manufacture and distribute the synthetic opioid.

January 16, 2019

Cops Can't Force People To Unlock Their Smartphones With Fingerprint, Face, Court Ruling States

A California judge denied a search warrant seeking permission for cops to force suspects to unlock gadgets with their faces, fingers, or irises. The ruling argued that it is the same as the case of passwords and passcodes.

Security January 15, 2019

Nike's Self-Lacing Shoes Can Be Controlled With Your Smartphone

Nike recently teased the self-lacing basketball shoes that will be arriving on Jan. 15. The short clip showed that owners can control the laces via a smartphone.

Wearable Tech January 14, 2019

Antarctica Is Shedding Its Ice Six Times Faster Than In The '80s

Antarctica is losing its ice at a much faster pace than 40 years ago, a study showed. it was found that East Antarctica, which was considered stable, has been shedding off 51 gigatons of ice a year.

Earth/Environment January 14, 2019

Florida Surgeon To Pay $3,000 Fine After Removing Patient's Healthy Kidney Mistakenly Thought As Tumor

Surgeon Ramon Vazquez removed a patient's kidney which he initially thought was a tumor. However, it turned out that the presumed cancerous mass was an intact pelvic kidney.

January 14, 2019

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