Popular dating site Tinder is now rolling out its Loops feature globally, allowing users worldwide to set profile GIFs rather than just photos.

A picture may be worth a thousand words at times, but a looping GIF may be able to better capture one's essence when it comes to setting up a dating profile. With this in mind, Tinder announced back in April that it was introducing profile GIFs as a way to enable users to better express themselves.

At the time, Tinder's first video feature had limited availability, rolling out just to users in Canada and Sweden. The company said at the time that if Loops proved successful in those test markets, it would roll it out globally.

Tinder Loops Global Release

It now turns out that Tinder Loops was a hit, as it's now rolling out on a global scale. The looping two-second GIFs are hitting iOS devices in the United States, Asia, the Middle East, and Western Europe.

In addition to allowing users to set profile GIFs, the update also adds the option of setting nine profile pictures rather than just six, as it has been the case so far. This should better enable Tinder users to make their profiles stand out from the crowd and create an ampler image of what they want to express.

How To Set Up Tinder Loops Profile GIFs

Setting up a Tinder Loops profile GIFs rather than just a standard profile picture is pretty simple and straightforward. To do so, first of all, shoot a video and tap the "Add Media" button on Tinder to upload it to your profile. Once you choose which video you want to upload, drag the time strip to fit the two seconds you want looped. You can then preview your Loop and, if everything's just the way you want it to be, add it to your profile. This is your new Tinder profile GIF.

Since you only have two seconds' worth of looping video, make it count. Tinder suggests looping the parts you love most, and even increasing the video speed to make it more spectacular.

"You get two seconds of looping video to show more personality, which is the best way to get more right swipes," says Tinder. "You can be flirty, you can be fun, but no matter what, be you. And be quick about it, because everyone who's anyone will be showing off their moves. (Let's face it; still photography is so last November.)"

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