Indie Game App Meditations Will Give You A Free Title Every Day In 2019


A new game launcher called Meditations has announced an ambitious project: upload a free game each day throughout the entire year.

Gamers on PC and Mac will be able to play small titles every day this year, with every game different from the previous one. Rami Ismail, the developer behind the project and cofounder of indie game studio Vlambeer, took to Twitter to say the launcher is now available to download. It's completely free, although it might make an initial 300 to 500 MB download as preparation for this month's titles.

Ismail came up with the Meditations project after playing a short game in 2017. It pushed him to encourage other players to have a similar experience, and as a result, he sought the help of hundreds of different video game developers to turn the project into a reality.

The Meditations Project

Completely free, the Meditations launcher is available on both Windows and macOS. Ismail says that it'll present players with a new game every day that's inspired by that day, and the variety of games encompass several different genres. Needless to say that the Meditations project will be a mixed bag of surprises, which is perhaps a representation of what anyone's daily experience should be: unpredictable, unexpected, and delightfully surprising.

"Meditations will launch you a new game every day, inspired by that day, only on that day," said Ismail. "There's all sorts of games in here, from curious small puzzle games and challenging little platformers to personal games about life and loss and happiness and love and death and everything."

What Kind Of Games?

It's not exactly clear how short the daily games are going to be. But if players want to try every single game, they will have to open up the launcher each day, as they won't be able to go back to a title once they miss it. This, however, is still up in the air. When a user asked Ismail whether or not they'd be able to replay games, he joked that "there's always next year" for those who miss the titles.

Ismail said he'll release the entire list of developers who helped bring the project to life at the end of the year. Interestingly enough, some from the bunch apparently requested to keep their involvement a surprise until their game is played. It's entirely possible that big-name developers contributed to the Meditations project, but players won't know for sure until they play every single title.

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