Swedish Patient Who Sparked Fears After Vomiting Blood Tests Negative For Ebola


The Swedish man who sparked fears of Ebola after vomiting blood has tested negative for the deadly disease. Concerns over Ebola were opened up because of the history-making Ebola outbreak currently going on in Congo.

Ebola Fear

A Swedish patient sparked fears of Ebola after he arrived at the emergency department of a hospital in Enköping presenting symptoms of the deadly disease including vomiting blood. Because of his condition, he was transferred to the Uppsala University Hospital, and the emergency room at Enköping was closed while the staff who tended to him or had contact with him were also looked after.

Evidently, the man recently stayed in Burundi for three weeks and returned to Sweden about three weeks ago. Burundi borders Congo where there is an ongoing Ebola outbreak, which is now considered the second largest and second deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. And although Burundi is not known to have any active Ebola and the man mostly visited the urban areas of Burundi, authorities had to take the necessary precautions.

Now, authorities have announced that the man tested negative for Ebola and other viruses, and that the man is actually already doing better. So far, his bleeding has ceased and his condition is already stable.


Ebola may be transmitted from one person to another by having contact with infected bodily fluids such as blood, tears, and urine, whether the contact is with the ill individual or with a contaminated object. Health workers are particularly susceptible to the infection because of how close they get to the patients, especially if they are unprotected.

As for the Ebola outbreak in Congo, there are already over 600 cases to date and it has claimed over 300 lives. Unfortunately, authorities surmise that the outbreak will likely continue for several more months because of its complexity. This is because authorities are not just dealing with the outbreak itself, but with rebel attacks and upcoming elections as well.

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