A resident from Nebraska, now dubbed as "miracle man," becomes conscious after his children decided to remove his life support after being declared as nearly brain dead.

T. Scott Marr, the patient, was found unconscious but still breathing on his bed on Dec. 12. His children rushed him at Methodist Hospital, where he was immediately placed on breathing tubes in the intensive care unit and then the next day, he would undergo a series of tests including a CT scan.

Leading To Brain Death

The 61-year-old's daughter, Preston, said her intubated father didn't look like he was in pain, but that he wasn't responsive. Doctors explained that as per the CT scan results, Marr had "what looked like a massive brain stem stroke with severe brain swelling."

After no signs of improvement, doctors were greatly worried of the brain swelling, and doctors feared for the worst, that it will lead Marr to be brain dead. That said, the siblings were forced to be slapped with the truth: that their father may no longer recover.

Thinking about what their father had always told them when he was well of his desire not to be seen lying in a hospital, the kids requested to remove the life support, but Marr was still breathing. Before removing the life support, they bid goodbye to their father and stayed on his side even when personnel started turning the monitors off.

The kids went home thinking that their dad may have wanted them to leave before passing away. Upon reaching their house, Preston and the rest of the family had started planning for Marr's funeral on Dec. 14, but still wanted to see him for the last time.

Miraculous Recovery

When they got to the hospital, Preston talked to her dad, who smiled in return. Thinking she was just dreaming, she asked her dad to move his thumb, then his toes, all of which he miraculously did. The family called on the attention of the doctors, who also talked with the patient and ordered him to do a series of small tasks.

MRI showed that he suffered from posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome, an extremely rare illness, and not from stroke. Marr started physical therapy and weeks after, he was finally able to come home.

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