Oculus Rift Update To Bring Live VR Streaming To Facebook


Oculus Rift is set to add a livestreaming feature on Facebook, which will allow users to share their VR experiences with their friends by showing them what they are seeing in their headset.

Rift users can simply select the Livestream to a Facebook button from the Dash Menu when in VR mode and the Facebook livestreaming will start right away. Hundreds of apps are now ready to stream including Echo VR, VR Sports Challenge, and Dead & Buried.

The news of this feature comes shortly after Facebook revealed that is restructuring its Building 8 team to concentrate on VR and Portal devices. Facebook is the parent company of Oculus.

Live VR Streaming To Facebook

With the latest update, Oculus Rift users can bring more people into their virtual world with the Public Homes beta feature where anyone will ask to join one's VR social space. Oculus Home is a fun social hub to enjoy with friends and now, to also make a few new online friends, too.

"We'll recommend a few Homes for you to visit, and we're asking the Public Test Channel community to help us build from there," reads the recent Oculus Blog.

Users can open their Home to their visitors setting it to "Public". By doing that, people can also select their Home from a list. The experience is like walking through a real open house.

"Just go under 'Places' and you'll see a roster of Homes available, each packed with custom items and unique layouts, so it's easy to find new people who share your interests," the blog added.

Safety Controls For Privacy

There are also safety controls for privacy such as muting visitors and reporting abuse. The suite of tools will allow the owner to full control over the guest list. They can accept or reject any request to see their Home. Users can also disable the Public option anytime they want to, mute visitors, or report abuse from inside the Oculus Rift headset.

Those who would like to join right now can simply opt into the Oculus Public Test Channel and set their home Public in the Home menu.

Both Facebook livestreaming and Public Homes beta are now live for users who opted into the Public Test Channel. These features, however, will be available to everyone later this January.

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