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Sony PS4 Inches Past Nintendo Switch In Sales Numbers

Sony PlayStation 4 ruled the sales last year. However, Nintendo's sales performance with the Switch is extremely impressive for a console that is just less than 2 years old in the market.

Video Games February 6, 2019

Q Acoustics Shows Off Tensegrity Speaker Stand That Kills Unnecessary Vibrations

Q Acoustics latest speaker, Concept 300, arrives with an aluminum tripod stand called the Tensegrity that kills unnecessary vibrations. Critics said the stand is the real star — not the speaker itself.

Business Tech February 4, 2019

Boeing Starliner Test Flight Scheduled For March

Boeing's CST-100 Starliner will make its first test flight to the International Space Station next month. Named Orbital Flight Test, this space mission will launch on United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Space February 2, 2019

Scientists Create Self-Repairing Robot That Is Also 'Self Aware'

Scientists invented a robot that is "self-aware," which means, it can learn what it is — from scratch. In just about a day of in-depth computing, or a brief "babbling" period, the robot initiated "self-simulation."

Robotics February 2, 2019

Mario Kart Tour Launch Delayed Until Summer

'Mario Kart Tour' was previously slated for March, but it appears that the app is not ready yet to meet the developer's expectations. Nintendo confirmed that the mobile racing game will be delayed until summer this year.

Video Games January 31, 2019

8bitDO Makes Retro Sega Genesis Style Wireless Controllers

8BitDo introduces the wireless gamepad M30 inspired by Sega and a new version of the Retro Receiver wireless adapter for original Genesis owners. Both products will be available in the market on Feb. 28.

Video Games January 30, 2019

Roku Premium Subs Now Available But No HBO In Sight

With Roku's new Premium Subscriptions feature, subscribers can stream the channels they want without the need to install the apps on their Roku device. The update will arrive in succeeding weeks, first to Roku players and Roku TVs afterward,

Business Tech January 30, 2019

Bioware Wants To Appease 'Anthem' Players With Free Skin And Unlocking 4 Javelins

Anthem's VIP Demo last weekend was plagued with endless loading screens, latency hiccups, and server downtime. Bioware, however, was quick to appease unhappy gamers with delightful gifts to make up for all the troubles.

Video Games January 29, 2019

Resident Evil 2 Launch Gives Capcom Much-Needed Boost

'Resident Evil 2 remake,' Capcom's second take at the iconic survival horror game, stormed to the top of the UK charts, making the same feat more than two decades ago. The survival horror game knocked off last week's no. 1 "Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe" for the Switch.

Video Games January 29, 2019

Chinese Scientists At It Again With Gene-Edited Monkeys

Five gene-edited monkey clones were born at the Institute of Neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, China. The latest research is intended to back efforts in testing and developing drugs for the treatment of various human diseases in the years to come.

Animals January 24, 2019

Wargroove RTS Launching On Nintendo Switch This February

Chucklefish confirmed that 'Wargroove' will be finally launched on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Xbox One on Feb. 1 for a price of $19.99. The release date announcement came with an impressive anime-style cinematic trailer.

Video Games January 24, 2019

Fortnite Ice Storm Event: Epic Adjusts Ice Legion Zombies, Golden Brute’s Spawn Rates Following Backlash

Epic Games quickly responded to the Ice Legion backlash from gamers with the announcement of a hotfix that adjusts the spawn rates of the Ice Legion, including Golden Brutes. Players who complete the challenges in the new Ice Storm event will receive XP.and special rewards.

Video Games January 23, 2019

League Of Legends Releases Stunning Cinematic For New 2019 Season

The new cinematic for 'League of Legends' Ranked 2019 season is undoubtedly the best produced so far in the game's history. According to game critics, the different battle sequences look amazing with its spectacular visuals.

Video Games January 23, 2019

YouTuber Raises Close To $350,000 For Transgender Youth With 'Donkey Kong 64' Marathon Stream

A 'Donkey Kong 64' marathon by YouTuber Harry Brewis raised almost $350,000 for a trans youth group in the UK. The charity stream was proved to be an epic success thanks to some help from the LGBTQ community, activists, and celebrities.

Video Games January 23, 2019

Epic Games To Hold Back Any Updates On 'Fortnite' To Accommodate Pro Gamers In Tournaments

In its latest state of development, Epic Games now plans to launch patches on 'Fortnite' several days to a week before a tournament begins. The new time window will take effect starting with the Australian Open, which is scheduled for Jan. 26 to 27.

Video Games January 21, 2019

Google May Be Trying To Save Wear OS By Buying Fossil

While Google Wear OS got the biggest chunk of the wearable tech market in 2018, the giant tech firm needs a champion that could reach tech enthusiasts. According to Fossil, the $40 million deal with Google is expected to close in January.

Wearable Tech January 20, 2019

U.S. Air Force Offers Launchpad To 3D-Printed Rocket Start-Up

Relativity Space entered a contract with the U.S. Air Force for the exclusive use of Launch Complex 16, or LC-16. The company's 3D-printed rocket will be launched in 2020.

Business Tech January 19, 2019

Japan Launches Mini-Satellite That Can Create Artificial Meteor Showers To Space

Japan's Epsilon rocket successfully lifted off for the fourth time from JAXA Uchinoura Space Center since its maiden voyage in 2013. Seven spacecraft are on board the booster, including a microsatellite that can create the first ever artificial meteor showers.

Space January 19, 2019

UFC Star Ronda Rousey To Voice Sonya Blade In 'MK11', Says It's A Dream Come True

The official Sonya Blade reveal trailer published on YouTube introduces the Olympic medalist and WWE champion, Ronda Rousey, as the voice of the Sonya Blade. For Rousey, her participation in 'MK11' is a dream come true.

Video Games January 18, 2019

Facebook Releases Open Sourced Image Compression Tool Called Spectrum

Spectrum 1.0.0 was officially launched on Github as Facebook opens it to the developers for Android and iOS on Thursday, The new feature is available to download from the GitHub page.

Apps/Software January 18, 2019

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