The PlayStation VR launched a few years ago, and with all the games and support it has, it's been turning into something that's worth considering for PS4 owners. By the same token, it's a great Christmas gift in 2018.

Sony's VR headset can be used for many things, from watching virtual reality movies and TV shows to viewing media in cinematic mode. However, its main purpose is obviously to play VR games, and without them, users won't get the full experience of what it has to offer.

Thing is, it can get tricky finding the right title, considering the volume of the current and growing roster. At that, here are a few PSVR games that are great to kick things off with:

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission

This Sony exclusive title is a 3D platformer taken to the next level with a clever virtual reality aspect. ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is played using a controller that's tracked in the game, and players can acquire various "controller gadgets" to aid the main character, such as a water cannon and ninja stars.


Before it even stepped into the VR scene, SUPERHOT has been a popular first-person shooter because of its approach to slow motion where time moves only when the player does. As expected, this gameplay just works so well in virtual reality.

Beat Saber

Rhythm games may not be for everyone, but Beat Saber makes the gameplay really interesting. Instead of tapping buttons to a beat, players have to swing "lightsabers" and hit one block after another.

Its repertoire consists primarily of electronica, and for those who don't like the genre, it's recommended not to let that get in the way and take the energizing and immersive experience it has to offer out for a spin. Not to mention it's a great way to get a little workout.


In Moss, players get to control a little mouse heroine called Quill and are tasked with guiding her through her journey, solving puzzles throughout and fighting some baddies here and there. The developers' attention to detail is clearly seen in the environment, and the gradual progression of the puzzles' difficulty makes it easy to get into.

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