Interesting Smart Home Finds At CES 2019


CES is naturally one of the best places to discover the latest technology, and this year’s event is not lacking on incredible smart home devices that can make people’s homes smarter, more comfortable, and safer.

Here are some interesting smart home devices at CES 2019

Lenovo Smart Clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a smart bedside display that is designed to show, not just the time, but information such as the traffic, weather, calendar appointments, and a video feed from a Google-connected smart camera. If a user is just not yet ready to bet out of bed, he or she can just smack the clock and it will go right into snooze mode.

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode

Yes, Google’s 18,000-square-foot ride was a showstopper, but so is the Google Assistant’s Interpreter mode which can translate 27 different languages and say both parts of the conversation out loud instead of just flashing the translation on screen. 

Those who want to try it can do so at CES 2019 at the concierge of Caesars Palace, at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, and at Dream Downtown in New York City.

Mui Smart Display

The mui smart display is a smart hub for the home that is built with natural wood. One may send or receive messages through the device, check the weather, and access voicemail. It even has a Google Assistant whose responses can either be read or said aloud. It is said to be a hassle-free way of controlling other smart devices in the house, not to mention that it looks rather stylish even when not in use. 

Basically, the idea behind mui is to create a relaxing and distraction-free digital environment that would encourage family members to spend time together. The company says it is their way of solving the issue of people always being on their smart phones.

Arlo Security System

As homes get smarter, it’s important to keep them safer, too. Arlo Security System removes the hassle of keeping track of home security devices, and integrates them into one system that includes cameras, lights, siren, remotes, sensors, and more.

Arlo Security System provides hassle-free home security that is easy to access and operate, without expensive installations and the hassle of incompatible devices.

Capstone Connected Home Smart Mirror

If a smart clock was not enough to keep you up with the schedule for the day, Capstone’s smart mirror may help you even while you're brushing your teeth. One may check the weather, plan a commute route, or access Google Assistant through the mirror, or even watch videos and access social media.

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