Gamers of PUBG Mobile may soon get their hands on a variety of new additions with the impending release of 0.10.5 update.

Most recent leaks say it comes with a Zombies mode that might bring a cooperative experience to players of the mobile version. The mode also reportedly comes with a special map.

Zombies Mode Map Leaked

Select gamers who participated in the beta of the upcoming PUBG Mobile update apparently saw zombies in the waiting area and in maps but they couldn't be killed. In a number of videos from the update's beta, YouTube users leaked the addition of zombies in the game.

Datamined assets seem to point at the Zombies mode special map, which is smaller than the normal size of the maps featured in the game. Gamers will soon find out for themselves as earlier reports suggest 0.10.5 update will be rolled out this week, between Jan. 18 and 20.

What Else To Expect In 0.10.5 Update

Moreover, the incoming update for PUBG Mobile will arrive with a new death cam feature, which will allow gamers to view how they died in the game. Other additions include a new weapon MK 47 Mutant as well as a laser sight gun attachment. It is also likely that a rickshaw or Tukshai will be added to the game.

Existing maps such as Erangel and Miramar might also feature dynamic weather like rain to add variation into the gameplay. Players can also anticipate the return of a voice option called Classic Voices and a redemption system in the next update.

There will also be cosmetics for the Royale Pass in Season 5, new costumes, gun skins, hairstyles, and other aesthetics.

Vikendi Map Going Live In 'PUBG' Next Week

In related news, as PUBG concludes the PTS for the game's newest map, the game developer announced that it is going live on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One servers next week. Starting Jan. 22, gamers will be able to explore the snow-covered map known as Vikendi.

"A 6km island blanketed in snow and bathed in the Aurora Borealis, is it as harsh as it is beautiful. Yet before it was a Battleground, Vikendi thrived as a space exploration hub, a tourist attraction, and to some, a quiet place to call home," the game developer describes the map.

Check out the Vikendi snow map announcement trailer below:

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