Fortnite Made $296 Million In April, On Pace To Hit $3.5 Billion In 2018


With humble beginnings, Fortnite Battle Royale continues to exceed expectations as industry analysts suspect it will reach $3.5 billion within the year.

Making Millions Along The Way

Epic Games' shooter title is well on its way to earn the projected revenue as it already made close to $300 million last month. Sources report that the multi-platform game earned a total of $296 million for the month of April alone.

Most gamers would say that AAA games can likewise generate almost the same numbers but it's consumers pay for the software and post-launch content. On the other hand, the popular shooter is entirely free-to-play and is free to download on each platform.

This means that its fans spend money on in-game purchases, mostly cosmetic items and ideally do not affect gameplay. Therefore, most experts agree that if a game well-made and fun to play, gamers will often purchase extra content to support its developers.

Keeping Players Entertained

Reports point out that Epic Games successfully keeps people interested with regular content releases across all platforms. Its availability on several consoles and mobile make it accessible for gamers who do not want to invest in a gaming rig or home console.

To encourage players to spend money on its in-game items, the developer keeps everything within a seasonal rotation. Therefore, it encourages everyone to collect everything they can before the season ends. The strategy is working great for the company and should put them close to $3.5 billion soon enough.

When the Android version launches this summer, a significant number of players will contribute even more to its success. Some suggest that the visual style of Fortnite Battle Royale appeals to younger players, unlike its biggest competitor, PUBG, and its realistic visual approach.

An Even Bigger Future

Epic Games acknowledges that Fortnite Battle Royale is its biggest cash cow right now. Thus, it plans to do everything to keep it that way for a long time. Its rising popularity has long passed PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and other similar games. Rumors continue to circulate that more cross-play options might be in the works.

The developers likewise hint at plans to take the shooter and build it into a contender for esports. A prize pool of $100 million will be up for grabs when the game hosts its first professional tournament sometime this year.

Next month, gamers can also look forward to a special event during the E3 2018 in Los Angeles, California. The company will host the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am featuring 50 celebrities alongside 50 streamers who will compete in teams of two.

Given everything that is on its way, there is a possibility that the game will even exceed its $3.5 billion estimated revenue for this year.

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