Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy S10 next month, and as always, reports about the Galaxy's 10th anniversary edition phone have been all around the web. The rumor mill has been actively churning as of late, recently giving out speculations about three possible variants of the phone in question.

Now a new report says that the most expensive Galaxy S10 will be built of something sturdier than the usual glass and metal. A reliable Samsung leakster has revealed that the top-of-the-line Galaxy S10 Plus will have a ceramic back.

Better Than Metal And Glass

This rumor isn't something new, however. Reports of a Galaxy S10 with a ceramic back have been circulating since last year, but a recent tweet by Ice Universe, a well-known Samsung leaker, seems to agree with this rumor.

According to the tweet, S10's most expensive variant — packed with 12 GB RAM and 1 TB of storage space — will come with a ceramic back. Ice Universe said that the ceramic material that'll be used is a special one, as it will undergo a special process to enhance its durability. This process makes it not only scratch-resistant but also "resistant to falling," which basically means that it can withstand several drops without immediately sustaining serious damages as compared to phones that are made of glass or metal.

On top of it all, even though it's made of ceramic, Ice Universe mentioned that the finish will still look metallic. In exchange of durability that the ceramic back promises, most likely, the phone will be heavier than the glass and metal variants.

Samsung Unpacked

Earlier this month, Samsung released a teaser video for the Galaxy S10 on Twitter. The South Korean company is set to take the wraps off the S10 on Feb. 20, during its Unpacked event happening in San Francisco.

In the past years, Samsung has been known unveil its flagship phones at the MWC. This year, it seems the company is taking a head start, choosing to unveil the Galaxy S10 earlier than expected, perhaps due to Huawei's imminent release of its own foldable phone at this year's MWC in Barcelona, Spain.

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