Samsung's foldable phone is said to break when it's completely folded, according to an insider who got an early look at the device at CES 2019.

If anything, this shows that there are still some kinks left to iron out.

Fragile Bendable Phone?

Samsung didn't publicly reveal its highly anticipated device at CES 2019. Instead, it showed it off only to clients behind closed doors. However, one of them spilled some details to The Korean Herald.

They said that there wasn't any sign of a crease that the phone was bent and that the screen was smooth.

"However, completely folding the device will lead to breakage. For this reason, Samsung is testing the device so that the sides remain slightly lifted when folded," the executive said.

They also added that the prototype had a crease when it was folded, but they were told it won't be an issue in the finalized consumer version of the device.

It's worth mentioning that phone is noticeably thinner when it's open and that it doesn't feel thick or cumbersome in the hand when it's folded but rather stable, the client said.

Samsung 'Galaxy F'

At its developer conference in November 2018, the smartphone maker gave a sneak peek at the foldable phone. The presentation was short, but it was long enough to show the bending mechanism of the device.

Rumors say that it's going to be called the Galaxy F, which could stand for Galaxy Flex or Galaxy Fold. As for the specs, they say it'll sport a 7-nanometer Qualcomm Snapdragon chip for the U.S. version and the company's proprietary 7-nanometer chip for the international variant.

It has an OLED display that measures at 7.3 inches when it's open and another that measures at 4.6 inches when it's folded, which is dubbed as the Cover Display.

Reports say that the Galaxy F is going to cost about $1,770 and roll out sometime in March 2019.

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