Riot Games launches a stunning cinematic for League of Legends to celebrate the Ranked 2019 season, which begins this week.

Game critics say the new trailer is undoubtedly the best produced so far in the game's history. Dubbed as the Fortnite of 2012, the multiplayer online battle arena video game remains to be hugely popular after nearly 10 years post-launch on Windows PC and Mac.

While Riot Games is slammed recently by the media because of harassment accusations in the workplace, reports noted that League of Legends still gains a massive following in the e-sports scene and a solid number of players per month, keeping its relevance in the gaming community until now.

Best Cinematic Ever

It's not a first for Riot Games to release a cinematic of this kind for LoL, however. The latest "Awaken" cinematic video is said to be the best one yet for the game.

In his article, Paul Tassi, Forbes' senior contributor for games, wrote that his first impression of the screengrabs is that it was "actually live action." Tassi added to note that even though the cinematic missed to have an actual plot similar to Overwatch cinematic, it reveals the game's heroes facing off with one another using an "absolutely exquisite animation."

Spectacular Visuals

The new cinematic, featuring three separate stories, offers an impressive look at a fight to the death for game heroes Draven, Riven Irelia, Akali, Kennen, and others. The different battle sequences look amazing with its spectacular visuals.

The video has some astounding moments such as the clash between Riven and Draven in the gladiators' arena. Furthermore, fans get a glimpse at the mean, high and mighty Camille surrounded by her soldiers as her enemy Jhin awaits.

The undead juggernaut Sion, who is getting ready for the attack, makes a sheer appearance in the trailer as well. Another notable battle sequence shows Kennen, Karma, Irelia, Akali, and Yasuo battling against Noxian army.

The cinematic is accompanied with the original song "Awaken" by vocalist Valerie Broussard, featuring violinist Ray Chen. Although the most recent addition to Riot Game's tracklist does not sound as upbeat compared to K/DA track, according to game enthusiasts, it is appropriate with the theme.

The League of Legends Ranked 2019 season is slated to begin on Jan. 24.

Check out the cinematic trailer below:

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