Fortnite Ice Storm Event: Epic Adjusts Ice Legion Zombies, Golden Brute’s Spawn Rates Following Backlash


Several days after the Fortnite Ice Storm event kicked off, Epic Games rolls out a hotfix that addresses complaints about the ubiquity of the new Ice Legion zombies.

The game developer confirmed that the hotfix drastically adjusts the spawn rates of Ice Legion and Golden Ice Brutes.

Ice Legion Zombies Backlash

The Battle Royale game's Ice Storm, similar to the previous event in October, introduced the seasonal variation of zombies that happen during normal matches. However, players are yet again unhappy and instantaneously slammed Epic about this addition.

The development team immediately responded to the backlash with the announcement of a hotfix that adjusts the spawn rates of the Ice Legion.

"Hey folks, we've just released a hotfix to make some adjustments to the spawn rate of the Ice Legion," Epic Games posted on Reddit. "We've now flipped these rates so that more Ice Legion spawn earlier in the game and gradually spawn less as the match progresses."

The game creator further stated that the team heeded the feedback from players regarding the Golden Brutes, which have been too hard to locate. It apologized for such oversight, saying that it has now increased the spawn rate of Golden Brutes to a "more forgiving level."

According to Epic Games, players can now progress through the event's challenges earlier in the game. Those in the late game can switch their focus on attaining Victory Royale instead of the Ice Legion.

New Ice Storm Event

The Ice Storm event for Fortnite has gone live since last weekend, shortly after the release of 7.20 update wherein players saw a mysterious icy sphere above Polar Peak, which was thought of a clue to the game's upcoming season 8.

On Jan. 19, the mysterious sphere, during an in-game sequence, burst open and revealed the Ice King who brought the ice storm that covered the entire island with snow, unfolding a new event. Along with the blizzard also came the zombie-like monsters, Ice Fiends.

Much like the other events, gamers will have to finish a new set of challenges in Ice Storm. As it progresses in the following days, Epic Games will be adding new objectives.

Players who complete each challenge will be rewarded with XP. They will be able to unlock a black and ice blue wrap when completing six challenges. Those who get to complete all 13 challenges of the Ice Storm event will receive the special Winter's Thorn Glider.

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