It's bad enough that leaks occur in the tech world, but when the company itself bumbles forth and ends up being the one who — "accidentally" — leaks its own products, then that takes things to another level.

Take Motorola, for example. The company wasn't supposed to unveil its Moto G7 lineup until February, but because of a company blunder, the entire Moto G7 line was leaked on Motorola Brazil's website, complete with product images and specs.

The pages have since been taken down, but clearly not quickly enough to prevent keen-eyed folks from swooping down and taking screenshots of the faux pas. CNET, for instance, was able to capture the pages while they were still live.

Moto G7 Lineup

So, thanks to Motorola's own doing, everyone now knows what the company has in store for 2019, at least with regard to the G7 line. Specifically, four models are coming. They're the Moto G7, G7 Plus, G7 Power, G7 Play.

All four variants will feature slim bezels, notched displays, and headphone jacks, and come with Android Pie out of the box. The base G7, G7 Play, and G7 Power will come equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 chips, while the G7 Plus will have the slightly better Snapdragon 636 processor. It will also get the best camera setup out of the four, with a 12-megapixel front camera and two dual in the back — 16-megapixel and 5-megapixel sensors.

G7 Power, on the other hand, will come with the highest battery capacity at 5,000 mAh, which is par for the course given its name. The other devices will have merely 3,000 mAh of capacity.

The Midrange Category

In any case, the Moto G7 is expected to be Motorola's latest and greatest midrange and budget-smartphone line, two categories the company has been doing well in for more than a few years now. Critics were impressed with the Moto G6 line, thought to be the perfect blend between power, functionality, and overall cost, but the G7 might take things even further. They're no iPhone XS or XS Max, of course, but midrange devices are becoming super popular nowadays, and it's smart on Motorola's part to continue capitalizing on that. Not everyone can afford an iPhone.

Pricing and availability for the Moto G7 line are unavailable at the moment, but expect to hear more details when Motorola officially unveiled them on Feb. 7. If you have any thoughts, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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