Overwatch is getting a new assault map. Blizzard just announced that the Paris map is now live on the game's public test servers.

For now, only PC players on Overwatch PTR can access the new map.

The Paris Map

As mentioned, Paris is an assault — or 2CP — map, which means teams can either attack or defend points across this map.

The Paris map features spots reminiscent of the romantic European city. In the official Overwatch PTR patch notes, Blizzard highlights the Cabaret Luna, Seine River, Maison Marat, and the Pâtisserie Galand.

"Battle through alleys and corridors before clashing with your foes on the banks of the Seine. Once you establish dominance over your adversaries, make your way to Maison Marat and deliver the coup-de-grâce," the patch notes said.

It's available in competitive mode and quick play. It'll be the game's first control map since June 2017's Horizon Lunar Colony. It's also Overwatch's 20th map once it officially rolls out to all players, though there's no word yet on when that's happening.

In the past, Blizzard tests maps on the PTR for a couple of weeks before releasing the live version on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4, so expect this romantic Parisian map to arrive just in time for the Valentine's Day.

Blizzard released the Rialto, an Italian-inspired escort map, in May 2018. During the Korea Overwatch Fan Festival in August last year, it rolled out Busan, a Korean-themed control map.

Other 'Overwatch' Updates

Also included in the Jan. 30 patch notes are game browser and custom games updates, bug fixes, and Hero updates, particularly on how damages are received.

"Previously, it was possible for heroes' recoverable shields to be prioritized for damage and regenerate, allowing their non-recoverable armor to persist. With the order adjustment, heroes who have been granted non-recoverable armor or shields will now consume those resources before recoverable health, armor, or shields."

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