Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the much-need Torbjorn rework is on its way, in a bid to make the turret maker a more viable hero in the massively popular multiplayer shooter.

Torbjorn's skills and playstyle have failed to match up to the damage and speed of other heroes, pushing him to the bottom tier. The changes, Kaplan hopes, will make Torbjorn "a more acceptable pick."

Torbjorn Overhaul On The Way

Earlier his year, Kaplan said that Overwatch hero reworks are coming for Hanzo, Symmetra, and Torbjorn. Hanzo and Symmetra have since seen some massive changes, so it was only a matter of time until Torbjorn gets overhauled. That time is now, with Torbjorn 2.0 rolled out on the Overwatch PTR server.

The first change is that Torbjorn is scrapping the scrap mechanic, replacing his ability to give armor packs to teammates with a new one named Overload. This gives Torbjorn bonuses to speed, damage resistance, and firing rate for a short time.

Torbjorn's iconic turrets will also be revised. They will no longer require upgrades, with Torbjorn deploying them already as the current level 2 turrets. The turrets can also be tossed at a short distance, which should give Torbjorn access to more strategic locations.

Lastly, Torbjorn's Ultimate, Molten Core, will keep its name but with drastic changes. With Overload now providing Torbjorn with the buffs that Molten Core used to provide, the Ultimate skill will instead allow the Overwatch hero to shoot pools of lava for massive damage over an area, with extra damage against armor.

"The goal of all of these changes is to make Torb a more acceptable pick on both attack and defense and less map or role-dependent than he was previously," Kaplan said.

The Torbjorn rework resembles the overhaul of Symmetra more than Hanzo, as it gives a previously defense-minded character more offensive firepower to make it relevant again in the Overwatch metagame.

Other Upcoming 'Overwatch' Changes

The Torbjorn rework is a major change, but it is not the only new thing that will arrive in the Overwatch PTR.

According to Kaplan, there will also be changes on how Orisa's gun fires, as well as minor changes to Solider: 76 and McCree. Pharah will receive a nerf to her splash damage capabilities, but with a corresponding increase in her potential as a high-skill pick.

Overwatch will also start to offer more options for colorblind gamers, such as being able to choose the colors that work for both in-game and the interface.

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