A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study sheds light on kids' over usage of toothpaste and said that this could have an adverse effect when they get old.

The health agency surveyed parents of over 5,000 children whose age ranges from 3 to 15, where they were asked the amount of toothpaste their kids are using and the age they started brushing. The CDC found that almost 40 percent of the youngsters from 3 to 6 years old fill or half-fill their brushes, which was way more than what should be.

Recommendation On Kids' Toothpaste

Although CDC urged that starting 2, people should brush for two times a day with fluoride toothpaste, they cautioned that the amount is highly important. As per the agency's recommendations, kids below 3 should only use a rice grain-size, while for 3 and above, pea-sized.

"Fluoride use is one of the main factors responsible for the decline in prevalence and severity of dental caries and cavities (tooth decay) in the United States," the report stated, highlighting the advantages of the mineral but it added that too much of it could also lead to "visibly detectable changes in enamel structure such as discoloration."

Using Too Much Toothpaste

Kids who are overusing toothpaste could have streaks and splotches in their pearly whites when they get older. Because most toothpaste intended for children taste sweet, kids can eat it.

There are times when children insist on being independent in brushing their teeth, but pediatric dentist in Chicago Mary Hayes pointed out that parents should take control of the amount of the toothpaste for their kids.

The CDC also found that nearly 80 percent of 3 to 15-year-olds started brushing their teeth later than advised, which is when the first tooth grows out. Even so, 60 percent of the children brushed for the recommended twice a day.

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