Nintendo Reportedly Has 12 Unannounced Switch Games For This Year


Nintendo recently dialed back its original goal of selling 20 million Switch units for the fiscal year of 2018 down to 17 million, and it's easy to see why. It only has two months left to pull this off, and there doesn't seem to be big new releases scheduled now through March.

Although selling that number of Switches within its desired given time frame seems pretty unlikely at this point, Nintendo is apparently gearing up for a slew of releases that'll keep its hybrid console flying off shelves this year.

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

2019 is bound to be a big year for Nintendo, with major releases including Yoshi's Crafted World, Luigi's Mansion 3, possibly a new Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and new IP Daemon X Machina. But these aren't just what Nintendo has in store.

There are 12 upcoming games Nintendo has yet to announce, according to Emily Rogers, a well-known Nintendo insider who has previously leaked correct information right in the past. Rogers was the one who leaked major details about the Switch before it was even announced.

At ResetEra, Rogers claims that all the 12 games in question might very well come this year. The roster consists of three smaller eShop-only titles, one more Nintendo Labo kit, two Wii U ports, and the rest are bigger retail releases.

Metroid Prime Trilogy And Secret Project By Retro Studios

A re-release of Metroid Prime Trilogy, most likely a remastered version if true, is one of the six major outputs mentioned. That and a secret game developed by Retro Studios, "assuming it wasn't canned," says Rogers.

Of these 12 games, nine have a 70 percent chance of being released this year. Meanwhile, two bigger retail games and one Wii U port have just about 50 percent of coming out in 2019.

So what could the other games be, assuming Rogers is correct? Well, there has been plenty of talk about a Super Mario Maker port for the Switch, if not a true sequel. Similarly, there has also been recurring noise about a Pikmin 3 port, a new 2D Zelda, and Pikmin 4.

At this point, though, each one of those aforementioned games is being thrown around purely by speculation. Take everything with a grain of salt, as with any leak or rumor, regardless of Rogers' track record.

Speaking of rumors, here's another one: Nintendo is apparently going to hold a new Direct presentation very soon. So perhaps fans will know more about Nintendo's future plans for the Switch soon.

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